【VTuber Plays: itch.io Games 】Lets look for some games to play PART 29 - aspenleafgames.com

【VTuber Plays: itch.io Games 】Lets look for some games to play PART 29

Areku Ch.
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Usually everyone is free to come and join in the chat talk about anything is fine! i can adjust myself to related or unrelated topics as long it makes sense.
Please don’t make comments that make other people uncomfortable, just comment something about me instead.
Im pretty much unseiso ( Bad person ) so be aware! lol
If there are any trolls, please ignore them, I’ll take care of them ( mostly my mods thank you mods).
If you see me on someone else’s stream, please don’t do anything to bother them.
If someone doesn’t follow the rules, just ignore them and I’ll take care of it.

I’m Areku ex-warrior turned mafioso!
Nice to meet you!.

Meet my parents! amazing people! please give some love and support!
2D Mom :
2D Step-mom:
3d Mum:




BGM: intro:しゃろう Sharou [30 min BGM] 3:03 PM / Sharou [Official]

Main bgm:しゃろう Sharou: [30 min BGM]人狼の為の子守唄 (Lullaby for Werewolves) / Sharou [Official]

outro BGM: zukisuzuki BGM: No Copyright Music[Good night time / Chill / cafe music / Calm / Lo-fi] Work BGM vlog music

Thanks for coming!

#Vtuber #itchio #indie

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