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🔪 AXES.IO – (Android & iOS) Online io games with Axes and Knives

Iurii Chechulin
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iOS:The best popular new io shooting games here. Join right now if you love knife throwing games!

Throw io – is a new knife throwing game with multiplayer battle arena. Survive as long as possiable, grow as big as possible! If you love axe throwing games or knife throwing games you have to check this out! Download for free and have fun. Unlock the comedic genius of skibidi toilet game. From meme origins to the latest monster wrestlers. Become a Skibidi Toilet aficionado and stay connected with the latest developments in the hilariously unpredictable world of toilet monsters and cameramen!

Throw axe at people if you are a real warrior!
Throw knife at people if you want to slash everyone!
Throw shuriken at people if you are a nimble ninja!
Throw dagger at people if you want to be a big hunter!

– Move your Hero by moving a joystick.
– Survive and Collect gems to grow up.
– Press Fire button to throw axe at enemy.
– Be accurate to hit enemy heroes with an axe.
– Be quick to dodge a thrown axe.

– Realtime multiplayer battle arena with a lot of fun and addictive gameplay!
– Huge weapons collection with different features. Collect and try them all!
– A lot of cube heroes for any taste. Try to unlock them all!
– Be the first in the worldwide ranking!
– Each weapon has unique abilities set!
– Throw knives all day and all night!
– Check this out if you love knife throwing games for free!
– 40+ weapons in Throw io!
– 20+ cube heroes in Throw io!

– Each weapon has a unique abilities set.
– Poison attack puts a debuff on the enemy.
Player with a debuff takes one more damage after a few seconds.
– Bonus life chance gives you a better chance to get a bonus life after a
– Your weapon will fly through the enemies with a special ability.
– With Bonus speed you will throw the weapon faster!
– With Bonus distance you will throw the weapon further!
– You will get a better reward with a Bonus reward ability.
– You can throw two or even three knives at once with a special throw ability!

– 20+ unique cube heroes!
– More heroes you unlock – more rewards you will get!
– Cube Knight
– Cube Zombie
– Barbarian King
– Fire Man
– Aqua Woman

Survive as long as you can. Be like a snake. Fight with warriors. Eat dots, gems, and diamonds. Avoid big warriors. Help to your friends. Kill zombies. See why Throw io is one of the best multiplayer io games of all io games!

You can spend two minutes or a few hours with this fun and addictive game! New knife throwing games! Join online io battle arena!

Download, if you love games like axe.io, zlax.io, barbarq, agar.io, pikes.io, battlelangs


  1. Not actually online. You play against bots. There's really no way to play online. Once you beat the campaign there's no incentive to keep playing. And you can literally finish the campaign in 1 hour.

  2. I have a blue screen glitch as I move. How do I fix it?

  3. please add squad so the game is much more fun 😃

  4. My name on this game is B0io, I did 32000 score. Fear me if u find me.

  5. im best in the game i always making butcher x

  6. Meu record – 5000 kills – lvl 600 – life 400 — video in my channel ( video no meu canal )

    essa nova atualização ficou muito facil atingir um record como esse… no modo antigo sem as habilidades ilimitadas tava mais competitivo …

  7. The only disappointment I have is that it's not online. You can turn on airplane mode and multiplayer "online" still works

  8. I thought the character and the progress you've made was saved when logging out from the game on your mobile? Mine wasn't…

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