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MooMoo.io is a new IO game like all the others. I become #1 RANKED WORLD RECORD HOLDING LEGEND in MooMoo.io
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  1. Bruh i we can join and help you if you want us to all of us can be your bodyguard XD

  2. I didn't know moomooio had changed so much compared to it now

  3. Best intro ever this is my new ring tone

  4. The ill-informed lily interspecifically hum because underpants theoretically cycle amongst a rotten virgo. unequaled, defective box

  5. who knew paper intros could be good

  6. Lazarbeam you can actually chat with other people in this game I can

  7. Your noob at this game but your content is cool im subing

  8. Anybody else got this recommended to them 4 year later?

  9. pls play more of this but put memes HAHAHHA XD

  10. now in 2021 the game has updated AND NOW U HAVE Cows
    and bull ate my cow?

  11. Literally end of 2021 and still rewatching old vids 😂

  12. Yo u have played moo moo io wow i use to love that game.

  13. I still play this game and now it's pretty much dead due to the amount of players that use hacks,idiots can't even play the game right

  14. that- “ADRIAAAAAAAAAAN..” just got me bursted out laughing. (7:43)

  15. “i think I’ve proven how much better i am than all of you-..” famous last words of 1st place

  16. imagine playing now and still does his windmill method

  17. Me and my buddies used to play this game ALL the time back in middle school during computer class, then we’d get sent to the office 😂

  18. mooomoo 2017 build bases moomoo 2018 autoheal moomoo 2019 instakill hackers moomoo 2020 crash hack w insane mods moomoo 2021 river glitch/invisible building moomoo 2022 unplayable

  19. Missed a joke with poolface…moms wet (water) and dads hard (concrete)

  20. lol now the game is litrally owned by hackers🤣🤣

  21. Sad the game was taken over by cheaters.

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