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It’s time for 3 AWESOME IO GAMES!!
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  1. Imagine playing a game and killing someone with the username 'Markiplier' and then watching this video and realizing that you ACTUALLY killed Mark

  2. DieAntwoord 1# on the leaderboard on little big snakes

    Me: hey wait a second that’s my main language

  3. The only thing I could think of while watching him play Little Big Snake was Hobi saying "I hate snakeu" 😂

  4. Oof, that GTX 1080 “Gaming Perfected” blast to the past

  5. Ummmmmm some of those look like troshen horses

    Ps sry for bad spelling

  6. Nobody talking about cocky. Io at the beginning.

  7. The silky day obviously report because belief curiosly pick unto a scandalous quill. ruddy, savory statement

  8. mark: I've played this game before
    also mark: how do you open doors??? :L

  9. Brutal. io looks like little tic tacs. xD


  11. half the time mark talks he sounds like gronk

  12. Mark: wait, am I streaming?!!!

  13. 8:56
    “you deleted virus”
    Virus: if you fight then let it be a fight!

  14. Everytime I see him play a game like this I wonder if I’ve ever been killed by him or killed him and just thought it was someone using his name

  15. Damn Mark you got absolutely DUMPED on at the end. All that trash talking while you circle Jim and then Jim completely outplays you and devours your girthy snake.

  16. 3 years later and this still makes me laugh too much . I love it !

  17. "this game is literally throwing your testical at people"-Markiplier 2018 lol

  18. The way he says slither io makes me mad

  19. The second one and last one were the most interesting

  20. Imagine coming here to watch this and u were the worm that killed him in the end.

  21. I’m from the future we are fucked ☹️

  22. mark: wait am I streaming ?
    me, not a streamer: this is my greatest nightmare

  23. it IS unethical to treat near-pure evil patients says:

    Rage Markiplier would tell this version of himself to tear his liver out
    Rage Markiplier really needs to be locked in a box at the bottom of the Ocean metaphorically of course,

    but he needs either medical help or to never play rage games again
    he's a completely different and evil person when he plays rage games

  24. Mark should play 3 more IO games 👀
    There's literally enough of them to make a whole series, like the scary games series

  25. Im actually happy that wee snake wiped you out ya bully 😂 I couldnt play games like that, would end up on them for a solid 10 hours lol

  26. as soon as you said you went past 69 you became 69

  27. 6:30 Fun fact, shuriken aren't actually that deadly, unless they're tipped in poison or hits in the head or neck, they're not intended to kill though they're more of a distraction. Ninjas would use something else for that, like a short blade or something easily concealable. Not a katana though, those are too long to conceal, I forgot the actual name of it but if you see a ninja with a curved blade it's probably too short to be considered a katana.

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