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5 Awesome Itch.io Games

Badman Reviews
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Come Check out some awesome Itch.io games with badman today including Masquerade, What Lives Below, Cloud Climber, PS1 Haunted Demo Disc and EndFall! All amazing games made by indie devs and free for you to try just check the link below!

Cloud Climber:
What Lives Below:
PS1 Haunted Demo:

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  1. If you wanna do another list, then I have a game you can try. Its a game called Downward demo.

  2. I have a game you could give a shot! Check out Aurascope, it's still very early in development but it looks really promising!

  3. If you want some more FPS goodness, check out Memoirs of Magic by Strawberry Octopus
    You get 6 different classes in this game:
    And Warrior
    Each class has 2 weapons and a Tome that gives you different abilities like the Wind Tome that lets you turn invisible
    Some weapon examples include a Machine Gun crossbow that fires Poison Grenades for the Thief and a Whip for the Mage
    Correction, there are 7 classes in game the final class is a Monk that focuses on Melee combat

  4. May I recommend Annalynn? It's a love letter to the golden age of the arcade.

  5. Wow these games honestly look more unique then anything I've seen released on a console this year.

  6. I remember I subscribed a long time ago. A year or two ago. I thought you stopped making videos

  7. Awesome indeed! Can't leave out Survive Into Night, it's a gem.

  8. Dude, where's the second part of fan-games?

  9. Why is the framerate in the video all messed up?

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