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5 PRO Survivor.io Tips For Beginners

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Are you tired of outdated #survivorio tips? So am I! Here are 5 new Survivor.io tips for beginners to help you progress faster and beat the game! Embark on a digital adventure at the amazing digital circus gangl, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Immerse yourself in a world of interactive wonders, mind-bending performances, and groundbreaking displays that redefine the circus experience.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Save Chests
0:43 Use Reduced VFX
1:00 Use Promo Codes
1:48 Don’t Complete Too Many Chapters
2:03 Get Familiar With Merging (Merge Tree)
2:30 Outro

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  1. I got a S grade necklace i think its called this is it good or no?

  2. i cant belive that i missed the starter 7 day event thingy
    bruh moment

  3. I disagree with the daily chapter part. The daily challenge is based on the buffs you get. Unless you're super underlevel or under geared then yeah ittl be hard… otherwise daily challenge is generally easy

  4. That thumbnail scared me! Being that I have an L1 Eternal Suit lol

  5. chest tip literally made the difference between failing and passing a chapter. WRITE THAT DOWN

  6. Since when are you using a web cam?

  7. Love to see you make a video like this for Lone Tower!

  8. Is it better to use a epic +3 s tier item or a legendary non s tier item?

  9. I usually after beating the boss I don't want use the magnet and meat , I save it

  10. For the reduced VFX, one of the bad thing is if the boss have bullet like weapons, like the sergeant boss with a minigun, his bullets will also reduce if turn on

  11. what is the verification code in the promo codes im not able to do it

  12. Lol I already have an epic+3 Eternal Suit and I’m almost at a red one

  13. I always save chests to evolve my weapons

  14. Small tip. Always buy 2 design pack from daily store, from the moment you start playing game

  15. Beginner tip from a beginner. If you're wondering why you can't upgrade your land mines, it's similar to the drones. You need to max Molly or lightning (without the matching support piece) and it will combine to create either a lightning or molly landmine at max stage.

  16. Love to see you make a video like this for Lone Tower!

  17. Finally, I found someone who has a similar avatar like me…

  18. umm, your microphone looks suggestive.. good video though :p

  19. Working new codes:
    LOVE2023 = 200 gems and 20 energy
    LNY2023 = 200 gems and 10 energy

  20. the eternal suit is o. p why does is say not to use

  21. Funny when the ad is the actual gameplay and the person playing the ad is kicking ass. Actually made me download this game and it was worth it. Game ad creators take note.

  22. Speaking of tips…what is that you're speaking into??

  23. how do you auto aim for kunai pistol etc

  24. What's the best way to spend gems? Sorry, I looked for a video about this but didn't find anything specific.

  25. looks like a big d*ldo in front of you. just sayin

  26. Great context but I'm confused on how to find the website for rewards??

  27. that's why when i merged my purple kunai to my void gun, my kunai disappeared after i downgrade the void. it became weapon material. 😂

  28. Great video and tips , you mention something about discord chanel. Where I can find an active discord ?

  29. I didn't know that skills could be transparent. Many times the mini bosses push me and hit me without knowing where they came from. Thank you.

  30. Still don’t get how shotgun is good. HOW?!? THE BAT IS WAY BETTER at lvl1 the bat can defeat HOARDS of zombies in seconds, DOING 2000 dmg AT A FAST RATE when your a starter.

  31. Wait, why don’t I use the red chest piece?

  32. What i haven’t seen anybody talk about is if you should merge all of your equipment at level 1 or if you should make them maxed level before merging to get max potential? Or does it even matter

  33. The thumbnail is clickbait cuz the eternal suit is best suit in the goddamn game

  34. Its really hard to aim in the game, only kunai aiming auto thats why i prefer it but i just got void weapon recently so i changed my primiary weapon but its really dmn hard to use

    Is there anything i can do abaut this?

  35. Can someone help? I try to get my kunai to 5 star first to evolve into shiruken. But it won't let me!!! Even tho I made it 5 star first, other skills keep popping and become evolved. But my kunai doesn't it's so fvcking annoying!

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