Addressing YouTube Clickbait: An Honest Take (.io Games) -

Addressing YouTube Clickbait: An Honest Take (.io Games)

Corrupt X
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I have gotten tired of the discussion of clickbait and also gotten tired of frequently explaining myself to the same people over and over again, so I am going to talk seriously about my stance on the infamous discussion that is clickbait in a video.

This is mostly about .io clickbait, from, to, to, to, to and more, but also touches on Fortnite clickbait and my honest opinion on the matter as a whole.

No YouTubers were mentioned in the making of this video. I am not interested in giving them more attention than they already have and it’s not fair to give them any more hate than they may already receive. However, I use some thumbnails they have used as specific examples to what I am explaining about.


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  1. as soon as he said that io to fortnight stuff, im just like, COUGH COUGH IXPLODE COUGH COUGH

  2. Nice CorruptX! You are awesome! I like to see you are one of the small part of the IO Youtubers community that doesn't make misleanding clickbait, keep up!

  3. Corrupt X You suck. This is nothing compared to my comment clickbait.

    Read more

  4. Lol i agree i cant believe i actually thought of subscribing to ixplode

  5. Buy better mic, if ure going to record more talking vids

  6. And what if you like someone else's Channel but it has been banned, you know he Will never start again and you want to continue their content? Is this theft of content?

  7. You're 100% right. iXPLODE ruined his own channel with Fortnite. After all, all he cared about was money, he didn't care about his fans/community at all. Same thing about iHASYOU and other io youtubers. Not to mention SICKmania too, he makes "level 1 level 999" or "1$ 1000$" videos and his excuse is someone else started this whole clickbait thing. I mentioned him because I know him and that's what he told me. But you don't clickbait like the others. You are one of the best io youtubers ^^
    (Sorry for bad england :hyperxd )

    this video may contain flashing images, viewers, pay attention!!!!
    now I am a clickbaiter…..

  9. it's ixplode and iSleath

    edit:Fady, Clickbaiter XLLL

  10. can you play electric state darkrp it's the best game for me i just bored .io

  11. i don't think "honest clickbait" goes into clickbait category.

  12. The thumbnails on the thumbnail (what) look a lot like some jeromeASF thumbnails when he did .io streams for a brief time

  13. So…Emotional…Inspirational…

    I’m lovin’ it! 🙂

  14. That's why i watch you.I know you will never clickbait

  15. or: if you accidentally watch a clickbait video, and you see another of their videos… click the three dots next to the video… click not interested… and then when they ask why, tell them you're not interested in the youtuber.

  16. This voice, is the voice of someone whom I would hand over my wife to in an instant the moment he enters the room

  17. The only way they will stop clickbaiting is if they are punished financially! That is very likely not going to happen.

  18. This just proves the even though Corrupt X is corrupt, he is still an honest gal.

  19. Btw shoot I just realized I watched so many slither io clickbait videos. Goddang.

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