- 88k Score on an empty Experimental Server - – 88k Score on an empty Experimental Server

Wun Wun
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No new players joined this server and eventually all the others left so I could make some big spawner cells. Because the pellets grow in size over time (up to 5 mass) you get more mass back than you put into one, only problem was the max cell size of 22.5k.


agario gameplay


  1. this music is nostalgic ngl i listened to it since 2016

  2. How do u explode in size around the dark red viruses?

  3. 6 years later. Youtube recommends me this. I saw my comment from 8 months ago. Made me smile.

  4. Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness so you go to heaven and repent from your sins

  5. Legends should like this comment:) have a great day

  6. Who got this recommended to you 6 years later

  7. His pc: lags if he collects like a million+ mass
    My laptop: lags when i open google

  8. Dude I've NEVER seen summer FEED a dang virus like this guy n completely take over imma try new things now I've seen this

  9. Dostum bu oyun beni duygulandırıyor 6 yıl önce oynuyordum.

  10. I was remember when I play all agario parody games, like agma io, cellz io, popsplit io, and most favorite gotta io😥

  11. it's been 7 years now but we will never forget this legend and hopefully might see a return.

  12. Yt recommendation time, and I’m glad it happened

  13. 7 years and isn't returning, R.I.P Wun. </3

  14. Being in that lobby with him must have been so cool

  15. Es extraño que esta persona siendo el canal más popular de Agario en ese entonces haya desaparecido asi de golpe estando en su mejor momento.

    Tal vez F? osea RIP?…
    Es una posibilidad todos morimos XD

  16. this was suggested on an 'autistic screaming' video

  17. OMG, getting this in my recommended… Pure nostalgia.

  18. That unnamed guy was really skilled actually

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