Build Your Empire - New .io Game - Build Your Empire – New .io Game

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  2. I got some gameplay on my channel too and have gotten featured by the dev on his twitter

  3. OMG Cool! GermANT ist auch in the house! Ich hasse ja IO 😉 zu gut zu süchtig! Wie macht man eigentlich diese Videos? Und gibt es paar deutsche die paar deutsche YouTuber anhauen können?

  4. OK OK
    if nothing comes out of a ant hill there is a chance you could adopt a new color of ant into your own colony 😉
    btw it is the larva u want

  5. tip: spawn base near plants to gather and aphid farm

  6. Hey guys, please someone help me please, i don't know what happened, but i can't get on the antwar site, it will return to normal ??? if u know and something let me know please !!

  7. can you make a version without using flash? i used to play this game every day

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