Arena Closer vs Arena Closer | vs -

Arena Closer vs Arena Closer | vs

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The most powerful tanks of both games in a vs


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  1. Arena closer vs Arena closerOf course Arena closer wins 💀

  2. why it skips 4 to 6 on diep lio arena closer

  3. I have taken down about 6 arena closers in arras and about 4 in deip cuz I prefer arras

  4. Sure, arras arena closers have faster bullets and are faster, but they both inf dmg and invincible

  5. diep io arena closer have more iq than arras io, why? back in the day arena closers from arras io were so dumb and didn't kill everyone. They couldn't even go through walls + If you are invulnerable, they will think you are dead so they will be afk.

  6. You have two buttons. One makes the universe implode when you press it. The other cuts every atom in the universe in half.

  7. Brooo Too Nice That Better Than My Edit

  8. Bro grabbed the thumbnail from reddit💀💀💀

  9. only the olds will understand before arena closers were smaller and older were on sniper and now they are big and look like phobics drones

  10. I think arras arena closers have less power because they are quite small. Also they are slow.

  11. Bro you still get outmatched.
    How? You may ask.
    Omega arena closer
    Aka the object causing you to have 0FPS

  12. Arrasio wins cause it oneshots anything and diepio arena can be stopped for a while

  13. Arra's io : oohhh oohhh você matou i arra's Oi 2000 você e orrivel VOCÊ E ORRIVEL! Sua população e orrivel
    Arra's io woorld : a e mesmo seu idiota

  14. Diep io arena closer so op
    You can't hold them

  15. Arena closer from arras can die, literally killed it in sandbox. I bet u can't find footage of diep AC dying

  16. jesus, its same all powers but arras its move around find players and i dont know what games owns arena closers

  17. 1923: We will have flying cars by 2023.

    2023: Arena Closer's IQ test.

  18. i knew arena closer would win against arena closer

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