Game Developer scores 1 BILLION POINTS... - Game Developer scores 1 BILLION POINTS…

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Honestly one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen…


  1. Dev never move wall that much I think pups never gives herself score

  2. Lmao that sunshine posted that shit on Reddit. He's that dumbass that called every arras player that calls what they do in maze 'teaming' retards (it is teaming lmao). And bro got pressed when they called him out on it.

  3. i saw stuff only the dev i believe can possibly do such as 45m Rainbow Alpha Pentagons,Triangles,Beta Pentagons,Seige Bosses Such As Eternal and Offset Walls In Clan Wars

  4. This isn't the dev. The dev doesn't troll around. Some of their higher placed beta testers or bts do some harmless trolling occasionally.

  5. It doesnt count as a WR cause you need to screen shot every million till u get the the 45m score

  6. i was in a game once where the walls were moving, there was no dev tho

  7. Imagine if the dev moved the blocks so everyone would get stuck

  8. Them: kills dev
    Dev: so you have chosen

  9. of course a teaming annihilator with fonts would kill him smh arras is going to die by teamers on maze this way

  10. Everyone gangsta till the dev spawns a rainbow beta pentagon

    Edit: annihilator 45m points in 3 seconds

  11. i got 1.31b on covert in arms race manhunt. beat that !

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