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Welcome to! is a brand new io game where you control a ship, gather XP crates, and use those xp crates to become the biggest ship in the ocean!
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– – – – – Gameplay Overview: is a brand new io game currently in beta testing. In Battleboats, you take the role of a captain of a naval ship. Pilot your ship into xp crates to become the biggest ship in Attack enemies in team deathmatch or in the mine advance game mode!

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    Violets are blue
    I love blitz's videos
    And so do you

  2. My dog isn't dying
    My family isn't fighting
    Can I get likes
    For simply not lying

  3. It remind me so much about battle bay

  4. i like how it shows New Orlean(i think) and USA flags XD

  5. That guy with the name I voted trump is amazing

  6. Blitz sees A player Named PewDiePie
    Blitz:"I highly doubt thats him."
    Me:"Same here"

  7. When you’re late and don’t know what to say


  8. Okay, leutnant is lieutenant, but you have two yellow stripes, so you're Oberleutnant…

    Whats that in english? Over-lieutenant? ;P

  9. Comment and say 2020 if you are watching this in 2020

  10. Jisksks😎8(_)$)?)3)9$ksksndnsjskosksks

  11. Snoop pea is so cute! 😋 Ii like the io games on freegames66

  12. Thought this was new but I was new in 2k17 so kinda old

  13. Hmmm
    I’m lv8 in this game and wanna to play with same account in my phone but it seems the games data don’t connect to email accounts (it just add a bookmark)
    Does anybody know what must I do?

  14. Level 25 is max Level . I Play Battle Boats io To

  15. didn't think blitz would be a spawn camper.

  16. BLITZ I was the USS IOWA I remember avoiding you 😄 🤣

  17. who watching the in 2020 its the worst year

  18. Is it on Tablet?
    (Is the Game on Tablet the Game is amazing)

  19. Hey blitz, go and play the game again pls…. there’s an new update that has submarines. You can glitch out of the map using submarines by diving. Go try it, it’s really fun.

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