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Welcome to! is a new ship-focused IO game where you need to work with your team of ships to take out the opponent. In my opinion this is the best ship-focused IO game out there, the combat is fun and the servers are very stable. I hope you enjoyed this episode of, thanks for watching and liking.

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  1. what's the yellow radar signal that pops up on ur boat from time to time? does that mean ur internet connection is bad?

  2. Sup drae drae, u shold play "Life is strange" its like firewatch. I dont really remember but it can be really emotinal and u get to choose the future. Its like someone questions u and u get multible answers. Currently free on playstation.

  3. When there aren't any good games out, you resort to IO games

  4. attache the chain on the plane en the cars en fly Whit it on bmg

  5. draegast. the carriers are the most important part of a fleet. aside from the battleship

  6. Waaaait! is the voices you hear when you shoot enemy from wot?

  7. drae logic "lets play team death match now." moments later "i gues the kills are team based"

  8. change your intro song back to Jamie berry out of my mind

  9. Kinda strange that the carriers would be so…below (?) the other ships… Maybe there should be a totally different mode specific to them only.

  10. its not about kills in the mine mission and base camping is worse than being a modder/lag switcher dude so dont fuckin do it.

  11. The carrier is really good if you are level 21 or higher, then it's kinda op x)

  12. Yes! I came back to this channel Love the vid thou

  13. i think u can control the planes that you shoot so its like a homing sniper class

  14. Drae I've been subbed for three years and I've enjoyed every spectacular video you've made keep up the great work 👍

  15. Did draegast call a aircraft carrier a air carrier

  16. IO games is soo good..3X A devs must learn something new:)

  17. you should check out again. it's been updated quite a bit since the last time you made a video on it ;3

  18. the game saying "your" instead of "you're" is kinda annoying..

  19. an aircarrier holy crap lost my balls it's an aircraft carrier

  20. Don't you just love it when u see a nonification with draegast on it?

  21. "I don't feel comfortable doing that guy alone."
    -Draegast 2017

  22. Nobody is mentioning the S.S. Shitweed? ok then

  23. "I don't feel comfortable doing that guy alone"
    -draegast 2017

    I need to name my boat to be that

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