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Today we use a NEW troll strategy in and go for the #1 spot!
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  1. I love your content I’m subscribed liked and put notification’s

  2. did u know if you upgrade only max health body damage and health regen your un stopable so u can run into people and thay will die in 5 seconds i told this comment section my secret lol.

  3. i said 5 seconds but they die admeitly ……………..

  4. to be honest the best opgrade// my opinon bc i got 573,241 with the spike and the landmine…*) how u get that so get 6k on the first one.

  5. doesn't booster's back barrels deal way less damage

  6. In your final form you can just like shoot all palce why do you not chuse it I'm uns

  7. Ssundee guess:1 million

    Real life:7 million

  8. I could have won in a 1v1 in literally 2s 😌😂

  9. Next time try and play capsule its kinda like rounds but you can't play who you want to

  10. i know how he insta lvl up press k in sandbox and boom insta lvl up but press o then you insta die

  11. Man u must rech 400,000 likes in 2 days!

  12. su100000000000qeqdewddyjnhjnhujhjjjhihkjnjjkjjjmnnjjkjjjmhhjknojolpmpji0

  13. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000022222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222qqwqeeeyyuuiyouoopsddsdhjjklhxznmn

  14. Ah yes, a classic game where tanks shoot Cheese curds, Doritos and Smurf turds. :l

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