Blood Thirsty IO Games | Paladins | Game One -

Blood Thirsty IO Games | Paladins | Game One

The Io Main
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Decided To Go Damage IO but also Decided To Try to Kill Anything I see.

If I remember Correctly I think I got the second most damage done in that game, and Most Damage on My Team.

I guess you can learn from this but I doubt it though. I guess this could probably encourage you to try damage Io.
People say use Sky-Walker For Damage IO, but I don’t see it doing as well as Leap Spam. Especially against a Sniper.

Also I kinda wouldn’t recommend Sacrifice To Be Honest. I feel like healing while in a Fight would be better other than respawning and potentially getting killed instantly.

Username: StarSisterIO

Loadout: Moonlight Sign “Lunar Launch” (Leap Spam)


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