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Bad games just keep getting better!
Today qzeq delves through the pile of junk that is the new games section, and finds a new AI friend, a ton of FNAF clones and a bunch more “fun” “games”!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:59 Smug AI
02:55 Amerifat Simulator
03:43 Boot Blast USA
04:06 Call of Buty
04:33 Five Nights At Floppa 2
05:22 Five Nights With Floppa
06:20 Friday Night Funkin Spongebob Edition
06:38 GTA San Andyreas
07:27 GTA SA.EXE
08:06 Windows 95
08:43 Mario Goes To The Store
09:17 Out of Gym
10:19 Rossi Attack
10:43 Steamed Hams Visual Novel
11:48 Golden Apple Installer
12:43 Outro

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  1. We've been blessed with a new qzeq video 🤲

  2. lmao i found this on tiktok and i subscribe to your channel instantly

  3. is there anyway i can download the spicy backgrounds file ????

  4. Petition to keep smug ai for later videos

  5. Старт – start
    Загрузка – loading

  6. 4:56 floppa did said "Если она сработает, сюда сразу приедет полиция" what means "if you will press it, police will come here"

  7. Smug AI has a secret easter egg. I was actually the first person to try it out

  8. I freaking love this series. Mabye you could bring back hitman?

  9. Yessss finally a new itchio video i love these,

  10. I'm such a shame person for this amazing content. I didn't subscribed to you, but I'm subscribe now. Plz for give me god

  11. Actually this channel one of the best in the field, because i see how hard he work on his videos and not get that much enter, you have got this guy for his effort

  12. блять,мне кажется он выучит русский где-то под 12 серию
    blyat,i think he will learn russian at like 12 episode

  13. how to complete five nights with floppa
    Pet the floppa
    and i forgor💀
    thanks for watching!

  14. I just realized this guy is Finnish too. I guess we can make good videos!

  15. 4:33 Fun fact: Five nights at floppa is most popular fnaf fan game of 2021 in russia

  16. YES MFS 🙏

    I fucking had my volume loud I want to die everyone heard that 💀

  17. 4:46 i literally laughed for 69 hours straight cuz of that russian spelling

  18. Thank you For Making more Of These. I laugh So Hard Every time

  19. Smug AI using Koikatsu character is just gold

  20. Im actually impressed that the Smug AI thing even started. Petition to keep it for more videos

  21. when american youtuber playing russian game
    me(im from russia):XD I KNEW EVERYTHING

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