Build and Publish Unity Game to -

Build and Publish Unity Game to

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Unity PC Build or WebGL build to tutorial. I also show you how to upload to Unity Connect.

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  1. I did everything but when I tried to view my page and run my game, it takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't even load at all… anyone else having this issue?

  2. thanks a lot, this was quick, easy and simple. Just published my first 3d game!
    I subbed and joined the discord server too!

  3. Thank You So much for the help 😀 You just earned yourself a Sub!

  4. Awesome video, informational, short and to the point! Thx! 🙂

  5. Thanks! This was super clear and concise! 😀

  6. Still works. Can confirm!
    Thanks so much for this!

    Just a note: It currently does NOT work when trying to run the game in Firefox.


  7. Hi, i followed your tutorial and published my first game on, i made a launcher for my game, but when i download the laucher windows defender would blockit and say that i'm an unknown publisher, i tried to redo the proces without the launcher, using your metod but it says the same again, that i am an unknown publisher, what i did wrong?, how can i fix this?

  8. Great tutorial but every time i try to build the project and i get a error. i cannot play my own game

  9. Hello, my game saves with PlayerPrefs, and I notice that every time I update the game, it erases the player's save file. I tried using butler and can successfully push only the changed files with it, however, every update still restarts the player's progress. This is a BIG issue considering this is an idle game, and I was wondering, what do you do to fix this?

  10. This helped me out!! I appreciate the tutorial and was very clear about what I needed to do!

  11. I download my game in and after that it can't be open. Is there any problem if i upload it the game with exe format?

  12. hey sam my problem is i use unity 20203.18 and html5 webgl isn't loaded in unity 20203.18 and i can't install it from modules of 20203.18 unity cause there is no modules icon to click on to install in unity 20203.18. so how do i install html5 webgl on unity 20203.18?

  13. hey sam there is no module icon in my unity 20203.18 white colored square box with 3 vertical dots to download and install html5 webgl on. and since there isn't how in the world do i download and install html5 webgl on unity 20203.18?

  14. Excellent, excellent!!!! My god you are the best, so simple and well explained!

  15. When i try to play my WebGL version I get this error: “An error occurred running the unity content on this page. See your JavaScript console for more info.”

    I also tried using the downloadable pc version, but that also didn’t work.

    Am I the only one?

  16. I never knew unity had a platform for publishing games! Very cool. Thanks for this.

  17. spent 10 hours trying to figure this out then i came accross this video and solved it in 2 minutes. thank you so much

  18. just uploaded my first game to itch… thanks for the tutorial <3

  19. "Join into your first Game Jam" – check

    "Watch a tutorial on how to pixel art" – check

    "Watch how to upload to" – check

    "Pray your skills with Unity are suffice" – eh

    "9 more days to go.. not dead yet" – check

  20. This is seriously one of the best tutorials I have ever watched, thank you so much!

  21. Yay!
    I'm an 11 yr old and I got to upload my game.

    I watched Brackey's Tutorial and it was SUPER COMPLICATED!
    And, didn't work.
    But, after 3 minutes of this video. It worked.

  23. You even helped us with that <3 Pure awesomeness

  24. This seems like it should work but for some reason, every time I build it as a WebGL file, I get an error with something called the ""
    Did anybody else have a similar error, and if so, does anybody know the fix?

  25. hey samyam,

    I uploaded the zip file. but when I was trying to open the .exe file. This is being shown: windows protected your pc windows smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.
    So Help!

  26. Thanks! I just uploaded my first test project. 🙂

  27. You're a lifesaver! This was so simple and straight to the point.

  28. How do i put my python file in the game

  29. i was about to use steam but them i saw it… $100 Dolars!?

  30. how do you update your game? Btw the tutorial was great

  31. I need some help, when I try to upload as a HTML file I get this error,

    Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if
    build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content
    was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response
    Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console
    and Devtools Network tab to debug.

    how could I fix it?

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