Conquering Europe All On My Own! Territory Games io - Territorial IO -

Conquering Europe All On My Own! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. 7:03 literally out of nowhere: Mexican mariachi music starts playing

  2. If I have learned anything watching CG play this game, it is that if I see him in game and he sends the truce symbol I know he is trying to kill me right after he finishes with the guy he is currently killing.

  3. I love how he goes “be chill be chill” and then starts attacking the same guy as soon as they are a bit weak ahahah

  4. "I am the last person in our team", meanwhile Empire of repoyu:Bruh

  5. your voice is soothing and relaxing, its great

  6. lmao, all these kids naming themselves something along the lines of 'German Empire' / 'Empire of Prussia' dying first is such a sight for sore eyes XD

  7. Oh cool another map game I can stare at for hours

  8. Wow you are really good at this game. How long do you play every day?

  9. Love how Mongol empire didn't even try to win, he was there for the ride.

  10. I was the guy called " empire of repoyu" in your team

  11. Mongol empire realized you needed that W for the channel ❤️

  12. The worst thing that always happens to me is when people all in you for no reason causing you to lose the game

  13. Lol there are so many polish people with ofensive names (im from poland)

  14. Nice Video! Also, Consider joining my Clan, [TP], We could use a awesome player like you!

  15. Just played a game and was killed 4th on Europe, my best friend until that moment was someone named C.G fan haha,
    literally just started watching your videos 2 days ago

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