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Bad games are pure chaos.
Today qzeq goes on to seek out the worst of the worst and let me tell you… That’s exactly what comes up. We’ve got breaking bad visual novels, spanish meme games, someones math homework, and even straight up steam games on!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:29 A Cool Pack of 99 Games
00:54 Pooposter Simulator
01:49 Breaking Bad but awesome
02:27 Gangsta Mario
03:19 Getting Over It
04:03 windows7.exe
05:40 Spanish Homer Game
06:24 Pure Tax Game
07:08 Funny Motorsport 2022
08:53 Funny clicker game
09:37 Wario jumps off a cliff

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  1. On the Arabi shitpost simulator, the death screen says "the random Arabic text to be funny"

  2. I'm dying at "Click here to generate NFTs" 😂

  3. in all honesty id love a tutorial for your taskbar!

  4. 0:41
    Bro downloaded a pack of 99 games and got someone's math homework XD

  5. are you estonian cus i hear estonian swear word and im estonian

  6. I’m sure all these games are available on eShop on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo loves to support Indies. Yes 🙌 can’t wait to play these awesome games! Hahaha 🤣 great video! I have a gift for you.

  7. dont know this guy but i know hes finnish from 3:56, heard that thousands of time during my summer car

  8. 8:41 What did you expect bro, anything's an NFT if you think about it.

  9. Brasil being represented with the ASS, the Lasier being shocked sound effect was a nice touch

  10. 3:51 he've just basically started talking finnish.

  11. homer on the game is saying: Hello, Im chinnese homer

  12. qzeq: “i know you have $0,99”
    my bank account: “i beg to differ”

  13. my opera gx just crashed when you got scared by windows 7…

  14. 0:29 It says "The Random Arabic Text, To Be Funny" but it's flipped. What a weird in game Joke.

  15. Posso confirmar que arabic shitpost simulator beta é realmente brasileiro

  16. Walter: JESSE DID YOU JUST INSTALL [windows 7.exe] ONTO FAMILY COMPUTER. Jesse:it said it was safe punjabi (no virus). computer:💀

  17. qzeq on the motorsport game what are the controls?

  18. The ads literally saved me from the jumpscare.i love you ads.

  19. "Soy homero chino" vine boom effect
    -greatest game of the year.

  20. unrelated to the video what was the sound effect called when the windows 7 satan showed up

  21. the math homework you downloaded was the tenth class maths of pakistan board 😂😂

  22. Yo, how do you Pronounce your name dude.
    Teach me!

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