cool dino games (weird games) - Complete Series -

cool dino games (weird games) – Complete Series

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  1. if a kid made that first game, id be super impressed

  2. Lyle's deadpan "There he goes" when the dinosaur in the first game floats over you still kills me every time

  3. 1:12:09 Zach's heartwrenching performance accompanied by Chris' wheezing laughs made my day

  4. That first game was like a fucking sensory overload for me. It took me awhile to recover from it.

  5. i hope to god that Zach and Michael put in references to that Dino Savers game in Smiling Friends 🙂

  6. 25:00 holy moly I remember playing this on andkon arcade.

  7. 11:18 the clouds have a Dino in it… just realized that small detailz

  8. If we don't get a sequel to Dinosaur Saviors i will personally shit on my neighborn's doorway

  9. I remember playing Dino Run so long ago, good flash game times

  10. I like how the second game just has ark graphics

  11. Untitled dinosaur game aka Michael j fox dinosaur sim

  12. Baby dinosaur junior implies there’s a baby dinosaur senior

  13. When they started playing Dino Run I felt like I was back in my childhood (well, is 2012 childhood? Yeah right?)

  14. "dinosaurs savers" and it's about dragons

  15. OMG I had that SAME Carnotaurus toy as a kid

  16. Why was that last game genuinely really good and well thought out omg

  17. 1 year ago, when I started watching Oneyplays I saw this video. When they played Dimetrosaur I thought them reading the dialogue was actually the game and I was confused to say the least.

  18. Fun fact: the best chrome no internet game run was the tiny screen

  19. scout ants are real but unfortunately they leave a chemical trail as they go so the other ants can still follow it, though they're less likely to follow that path if the follow-up scouts all disappear too and nothing nourishing is found…

  20. the sequel to LA Rex, Mexico Rex, gives you 2 miniguns to shoot down tanks and stuff

  21. Wouldn't it be hilarious If that paint world dragon thing was made unironically by like a 20 year old American dude that just never went to school ever.

  22. I love when Chris points out nice little things about these games it's so sweet and encouraging 😭

  23. Kinda amazed we never got a Dino Crisis 1&2 oney plays.
    Those seem like they’d be everything Chris loves in a survival horror and enjoys in a stupid fun action sequel. No hate though, DC2 is awesome.

  24. Me watching this for the 50th time excitedly waiting for Dimetrosaur and Dinosaur Savers: 🤩

  25. somehow them pronouncing dimetrosaur wrong is very charming and not infuriating like it would be with anyone else

  26. I wonder if the story at 1:09:03 is based off of an event that happened to the creator of the game in real life

  27. 1:09:50 Toby Fox's best friend and former owner already did that. It was Tumblr's favorite comic ever.

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