Cry Plays: 2 games -

Cry Plays: 2 games

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Anxiety – Lost Night :

Notes of Obsession :

I was bored.


Music by Puppet & Foria – I’m Here : (Provided by Monstercat)


  1. I forgot how creepy this game is ;-;

  2. The first game is about a mother who has anxiety (the pills were anxiety pills) that kills her mentally retarded son (the keys are the clue he was mentally disabled) because she wanted a "normal" life/child. She ends up killing herself due to the anxiety. The second game is more up to interpretation: could've been a bad dream, but what I think happened is the mother found her son messing with her music box so she went crazy and killed him. That one is up to you to decide, however.

  3. "A cougar? Whoa… does she want me?"

    Yes Cry, She wants you.. she loves the young blood.

  4. For those of you long-time Cry fans, this was a JOY to see. It's almost like I'm reliving several years in the past, right here, tonight.
    This is Classic Cry. In full form.
    I love ya buddy!
    I'm glad you are doing what you wanna do, and when you do stuff like this I'm loving it! 😀
    Helped out of course by good game design. That 2nd especially is very well done!
    More! Please. =3

  5. Your voice can make any horror game ralaxing.

  6. How could he not scream at that jumpscare xDDDD

  7. …Is that first game seriously telling the mother it's ok that she murdered her disabled kid?

  8. does hw
    looks up to see if anything happened
    gets scared by jumpscare AhUR-uhh :C

  9. Great! I'm totally not gonna die watching this at night! Hahaha… Great!! And CRY, HOWW THE HELL CAN YOU BE SO CALM!? XD

  10. I'm like "Oh, Cry uploaded something, let's watch it before sleep" three minutes later FUKIN SCREAMER APPEARS SAFDSFDS "Oh, cool, not sleeping tonight."

  11. "I hear some bullshit goin on outside…"

  12. Is that a stock sound asset? Pretty sure CinemaSins also use it.

  13. Small world, the second game is made by classmates from my old school :'D (I quit bc of reasons but nice to see some of them are making actual commercial games hahaha)

  14. Crys reaction to that first jump scare just made my day. 😂😂😂

  15. (15:32)
    Grocery list;
    Iceberg Lettuce
    Ice cream
    Cooking cream
    Lingonberry jam

  16. Also, I love how chill you are Cry! Cuz I love horror but I'm kind of a lil bitch, but with you being so cool about the spoops makes me less terrified!^^' I'm still scared, but I won' know..pee my pants.

  17. i havnt watched cry in like 2 years its nice to be back.

  18. "Think of Daniel. Think of Cuprite."
    That's one old school reference.. <3

  19. the second game is set in a swedish house… the note on the fridge is a grocery list :^)

  20. Finally! I know you don't play horror games often. But, welcome back to the horror games, Cry! Also, that music box in Notes of Obsession could be made into an SCP! Name: SCP-629; Info: "Little is known of what powers or abilities it may hold. For all we know, when a person opens the music box, it "hallucinate" the host into thinking that other people he or she see are monsters. It is highly likely that no one should never open it, but touch instead."

    Great, made-up SCP, right?

  21. You never get tired of a music box's jingle. And if you can you're a communist

  22. im at 30:25 right now and im wondering how he got this far into the game without realizing he was playing as the mom…

  23. What's the meaning/story of the first game?

  24. Anyone wanna enlighten me what a grunt and a poofer is?

  25. is the first game an Indonesian game? I'm pretty sure those are Indonesian names in the credits.
    anyway damn I hated the jumpscare! especially the 2nd game where the legless grunt appeared and Cry was having fun chasing I was like no no no looking away the entire time lmao

    I love these short indie games you do Cry

  26. How did cry die the first time. I was like wut. Wasnt scary before death

  27. GOD THe 2nd one was fucking creepily realistic af mummy help

  28. fuck the music box
    fuck the grunts

  29. A cougar? Does she want't me? HAHAHAHA don't know went that got me.

  30. Oh! Hi there…don't mind me 🙂 im just hiding down here in the comments :,)

  31. You not getting scared is funny in itself, because of the sharp contrast with most YouTubers.

  32. Cry is my favorite YouTuber. His voice is the kind of voice that immediately calms the mind. He also seems pretty clever. He has good variety.

  33. The music at the end of your videos is the greatest.

  34. As soon as "grunt" looked at the person, she just went at it and grunt was like what the !

  35. cry's voice makes these videos so much easier to watch lol

  36. this was fun, I hope cry plays more of this kind of games in the future.

  37. Quick sound like a squirrel cheep cheep cheep😂 gosh I luv cry💕

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