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Dani’s Games Ranked From Worst to Best

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Dani’s Games Ranked From Worst to Best
Dani is a super popular YouTuber known for his often funny games and equally hilarious videos. I thought I’d attempt to mooch off of his fame and make a video ranking every game he’s ever made from worst to best (excluding his VR games, since I don’t have VR, and his games not available to the public).
All of Dani’s games are FREE so if you’re interested in seeing more amazing free games check out my videos on free Steam games and free Itch.io games.
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Games Like Dani’s Karlson:

Karlson “Rip-Offs” on Itch.io:

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  1. Not sure if its just me but all of the 2D games made by dani arent avaliable anymore on google play only Milk man karlson is there 😢

  2. I don’t exactly agree with the order you chose, like the balls? Game is definitely one of the best and the rocket is terrible, even dani himself said how bad the game was and it’s super boring, it’s like flappy bird but worst and a few other games

  3. How do you get to play them i really want to play all of them

  4. Bro Re:Run is so underrated
    Everyone talking about 「K A R L S O N V I B E」While im over here vibing to 「R E: V I B E」

  5. Anyone mind letting me know the name of the song in the intro?

  6. when ppl said to dani that muck was to hard he made it harder i think that its actually impossible to survive for ever cuz the amount * the strength gets so out of hand you wont even be able to fight them anymore because you wont get the powerups you need crab game is very fun

  7. Crab game is really fun if you have a lot of friends to play with 🦀

  8. What is the name of song at the start please

  9. Why do you speak like an alien trying to pretend to be a human through YouTube videos?

  10. don't forget though that some of his games were made in a game jam and he had limited time

  11. The fact that dani didn't charge a single penny for any of his games is amazing

  12. after playing jelly drift i can say i now know what depression is

  13. off the balls is fun and no im not just saying that cause im his brother

  14. there is no such things as worst dani game

  15. If Dani charged as little as $2 for any of his games, he's be a millionaire.

  16. The moment i heard " You don't know what karlson is "
    Me :- ah shit here we go again

  17. Ofc Karlson is the best game even if it’s not released yet.

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