EXPLODING NOOBS WITH A TANK IN NEW .IO GAME!! | Kize.io Wins and Funny Moments - aspenleafgames.com

EXPLODING NOOBS WITH A TANK IN NEW .IO GAME!! | Kize.io Wins and Funny Moments

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Kize.io is a new battle royale .io game a lot like survivio, however it has a unique twist to it with vehicles and a tank. Watch me use the tank to troll other kize.io players and get wins in this fun new io game! Also keep an eye out for a surviv video on the new update. ;D

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I am currently playing: mope.io surviv.io, moomoo.io, paper2.io, slither.io, diep.io, and wormate.io. Let me know if there are any other .io games that you would like me to play.

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Bongo Madness – Quincas Moreira
Brain Trust – Wayne Jones

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JPB – What I Want [NCS Release]
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Feels Good To Be A Trap King (Goblin Mashup)


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  1. I played my first game and I won lmao not lying I swear lol

  2. Pls do new surviv update. Theres a minigun and u can do some baiting with it. Therws also a op grenade launcher so when they come to get the gun, you shoot them with the grenade launcher

  3. Oh lol its a good video i like the new .io is pretty gud

  4. I’m confused your teleportation how did dat work

  5. this is clearly a ripoff of fortnite
    love it

  6. Tip: only use he SMG's and snipers They OP Btw: the color rankings in the things dont do anything.

  7. zombsroyal is the best battel royal besides fornite and pug

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