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Florr.io – Game Rework? The developer’s plan with florr.io

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The game’s developer is planning to completely overhaul florr.io FFA and replace it with something else.


  1. Lol, I remember how confused I was when saw this video for the first time.

  2. Looks like a very fun game. I hope the dev won’t excessively nerf petals, lower crafting chances, lower drop rates, or ignore the community! That would never happen, right?

  3. Is everything you just said true or is it just an assumption?

  4. for the crafting feature, i think the legendaries petals should be locked and uncraftable, the craft limit is at epic for most of petals, nerf the epic rose and add an legendary rose that as much powerful as epic rose now, add some craftable petal that cant be obtained by dropping (if a player die while having this petal, it will have 100% despawn) and only the common version of it is dropable, add an armor petal since stinger and iris are extra op now

  5. the update will surely bring the game up for a week

  6. Imo it's a really terrible update if the dev wants to keep the game alive. I'm a bit confused as to why M28 would put in the time and effort to code a huge new part of florr that in general no one is looking forward to instead of developing new petals, game modes, etc that a large portion of the current and past players would greatly enjoy. If I recall correctly whenever M28 was questioned about updating the game in the past he would say something along the lines of "it's not worth my time because the player base is so small" or "it wouldn't generate enough revenue to be worth putting work into". It all just seems a bit off to me and I don't see florr having a player count of more than 10 to 15 players at one time.

  7. Wait so. ok let me get this straight. So first F.F.A. will be removed for a game where a team of 4 fight waves of mobs. I like the fighting wave idea but not the removing F.F.A as a whole. Second ,there'll be crafting system? Why cant the mobs just drop the petals as usual. And they're removing all rare, epic, legandaey, and unique pelats? I dont like that because the first time I played florr I wanted to 1 day get all the petals and see all the mobs and now that's not possible. Third, there reworking pvp? Well I don't have a option we on that because we dont have that much info yet. Honestly there are some ups and downs in this update but if it brings back people to florr, I'm happy

  8. I think it is a bad idea but we will see

  9. will petals like peas and cactus have multiple craftable variants (for example, you could combine rare peas into epic peas with no poison damage but 8 instead of 4, and maybe to get poison peas you have to combine peas and irises, and maybe to get legendary peas, with 8 instead of 4 and with 10 poison damage and to make it bigger, you have to combine peas and heavy, or cactus legendary that gives 20hp, but also increases body damage you have to combine epic cactus with epic stinger)

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