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Funny Games

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Outro Music: Super Mario World Game Over LoFi Hip Hop Remix by HephestosMusic

Funny Games


  1. Hey Carson, I think it would be REALLY funny if you made a video on kart racing games. Hope to see wild animal racing on the list

  2. So glad you came out of retirement to make your first video back

  3. I ❤ iPad baby need more vids and streams of it

  4. I'm so glad I finally understand why the whole chat was saying "SEE YOU IN ANOTHA LIFE"

  5. 3:35 Scott Morison at Engadine maccas, if u know u know

  6. Carson going luck 9 int 1 on buckshot roulette

  7. The song in Jack Russell Connection is "Life Is A Game" by LOFT

  8. But how is he so good at buckshot roulette

  9. 3 seconds in and im already feeling the heat… Aghhh ooohhh 😮😤😤😢🥵🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😷🤧🤧

  10. If call me Carson was a game it could be iPad baby

  11. idk if i want to watch the rest of this

  12. This was one of the first streams I turned up to in awhile and it was a fever dream for me, great stream nonetheless

  13. 10 seconds in and I lost, I couldn’t edge any longer! Great video! 😁

  14. My favorite part about the Time Loop ending is that its not even a time loop.

  15. Carson the drop button in iPad baby is click

  16. carson keeps making better content everytime he post

  17. Why didn’t Carson use the text on the screen to win Backshot Roulette? Is he stupid?

  18. Welcome back Carson so good to have you back man

  19. Carson looked up the girls skirt in the vod btw just saying

  20. that first game runs in the doom engine lmao

  21. I miss carson so much man, i wish he could come back🎉

  22. Can we please add CryptWorlds to the wheel?

  23. cant believe this is his last video. godspeed carson, it takes me years to forgive.

  24. CallMeCarson you will start to cough in 7 days

  25. SEE YA IN ANOTHA' LIFE!!🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣📣📣📣📣📣🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  26. I watched this on the bus, the first game made me actual throw up

  27. I just saw the first game, and I already knew these other games are gonna be amazing.

  28. I hate the fact I know what the sound effect for the grenade in the McDonald’s game is the flashbang sound from black ops 1

  29. Like how buckshot roulette was the only actual game

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