ADDICTIVE Space Ship Battle Simulator!! - 3 New .IO Games - Games Like /! - ADDICTIVE Space Ship Battle Simulator!! – 3 New .IO Games – Games Like /!

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3 Brand New Addictive .io Games Similar To / /! Massive Top Player Score On Showing All The Guns You Get As You Level Up!! – Getting Gold Medals On By Out Lasting The Others. Controlling The Most Territories On To Take The Top Position!!

Play Here : Is A Space Ship Battle Simulator Where You Collect “Dots” To Level Up & Gain New Wepons To Use To Destroy The Other Ships. After You Destroy Another Ship You Gain Their Points & Extra Health. If You Get Hit Then You Loose Some Of Your XP Towards The Next Level! Each Level Up Gives You A New Weapon To Use To Destroy Your Enemies! There Are Also Small “Black Holes” That Will Teleport You To The Other Side Of The Map! Is A New Game Where You Have 10 Players In A Circle All Facing Each Other. The Aim Of The Game Is To Bounce The Balls Around The Circle & For Them Not To Go In Your Area. You Have A Small Paddle Which You Move Left To Right To Try & Keep The Balls Out Of Your Area. Each Ball That Goes Through Looses You A Life. Last Person With A Life Wins! Is A Strategy Game, You Start Off By Clicking To Gain Points & Once You Enough You Can Buy Assests That Will Continue To Gain You Points Every Second. Once You Have Enough You Can Take Over Enemies Territories & Whoever Controls The Largest Area Is The Winner!!

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