HOW TO 100% WIN in! -

HOW TO 100% WIN in!

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This Online web game is based on Fortnite!

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  1. ihave 500 wins this game is ez i started in seson two thought

  2. Why did you have a mini gun and a SMG why didn’t he just pick up that Assault rifle That gave me Azide

  3. plz SSUUNNDDEE use this in btd6 banks and superheroe and spike tower only plz sunndEE

  4. how do you start a game with only a couple ppl?

  5. SSundee: I have not played this game
    Also SSundee: Destroying his friends

  6. we want another video of this plz😊😊

  7. Let me 1v1 you SSundee I am bad or does anyone else want to???

  8. He scammed us I hit the like button and it turned blue, I never played an br game

  9. Did you hear him when he did for you papa slurp slurrrp

  10. It turned white bc I got dark mode 😱😱😱

  11. I’ll play songs royale I have the game is really fun

  12. Me when ssundee picked a gold uzi than a
    pump:wow……… im disappointed…..

  13. This is one of the best youtubers are!!! Keep up the good work Ssucndee.

  14. ssundee is such a noob my 5 year old sister is better

  15. Imagine SSundee making a combo in zombs royale…

  16. hes ssundee play animal royale

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