How To Download Games In 2018 (Windows) | Two Simple Ways! -

How To Download Games In 2018 (Windows) | Two Simple Ways!

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There are two ways on how to download games to your Windows PC. One way is downloading from the website directly and the other is using the App which makes it easier to manage. In this video, I’ll show you how to do both of these!

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———————————— Website

Link to App Download Page

If you don’t have the ability to extract as shown in the video then here are some programs for PC/MAC that can help you unzip files.

7-Zip – Windows PC

Unarchiver – Mac


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  1. I love Using to look at games made during GameJams. It is a fun pastime.

  2. Games that come in .rar files can't be download the same way. How do i get them to work?

  3. I have a window 10 do I hit save or save as?

  4. I'm having trouble downloading "among us". It says "no compatible uploads were found for this title" what's that mean?

  5. How do I launch northbound. it doesn't work

  6. I downloaded "world of horror" correctly but when I try to open nothing happens

  7. Can I delete the un extracted files and can I delete the other random stuff in the folder and only keep the main file (the game)

  8. I downloaded a game from Google and it takes me to internet explorer to download it how do I change it to google it's weird because I already have google as my primary

  9. So I have the app and when I download a winrar file it says it has an error download example Dave's microwave games when I download something from him that's mostly when my game crashes what can I do?

  10. i cant download the game. it says 404 not found when i press take me to the downloads then i cant install please help

  11. How do you download it on mobile thought?

  12. i have a chromebook, chromebooks are boring and not for games, but will it work if i download one? I tried and kit saves it to the folder thingies, i dont know how to work those but.. eh. and theni cant play the game, i download it for nothing and it just says the title of the game and thats it. nothing else.

  13. I did all of the steps you said but it says there should be data next to the executable, I tried to download Hot Date. It’s a game where you speed date pugs and ask them questions, I saw people playing it on YT but I never knew how to play it. Can you please tell me how to fix this? This happens with all of my files too.

    Edit: Never mind, I got it to work by using your second way, thank you for making this video, it really helped!

  14. How about paid games?

    Edit: Thanks for the heart and the like!

  15. I have it installed but it’s not working is keep on freezing help me please

  16. Downloading vr game right now and there is no .exe file or anything I can click that I know of. Have any ideas?

  17. I downloaded a game and I went to the folder and right clicked it, however, I did not see “extract all.” I’m confused?

  18. Hey there's a game called possession experiment and there is two buttons one called 1. PossessionExperiment – and second called 2. PossessionExperiment(32bit) – whats the diffrents and what button i press.

  19. I downloaded a game but it just gave me a RAR file but I dont how to use a RAR
    Edit: 7zip didnt work

  20. it says "the code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. reinstalling the program may fix this problem"

  21. I tried to download two vn's named "Last Day of Spring" and "A Tavern for Tea" both by npckc. Couldn't open either of them after extracting. Pop-up said "could not execute… is it missing?" I'm confused.

  22. I was trying to download the game sentient and it says no compatible uploads were found

  23. whats the best browser or the browser hes using

  24. I have a windows 10 pc and I tried to donwload a game but when I chose to launch it, it said I could not launch without RPGVXAce RTP it word for word said "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game" and would not let me play… Help??

  25. Can I download my games this way? Because I made my own game and I cant download it

  26. i tried to download HyperHop, but it literally took me into the actual game files, how to change this to the game?

  27. How about apk files in itch io how to open in laptop?

  28. Thank you SO much! I never would've known how to do this without you!!!

  29. How do I search for games the search bar isn’t there

  30. When i download spooky cellar. I have windows 7, it said it cant scan for viruses

  31. What should I do if the option to "extract all" does not appear?

  32. when trying to download it brings up a menu that has two things a thing that says install and a select box and a thing that says to location and it ready has a location set what should I do?

  33. for some reason when I try to download a game, it refuses to start the download process for some reason. It said that it should start momentarily and if it doesn't I need to check my pop-up blocker. I've tried checking it and changed it but still, nothing. How do I fix this

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