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Today we play and go for the BEST class to win easy!
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  1. Yellow things is squre red are triangle and purple are pentagons big one is beta pentogon and moving tragles are drones and purple drones are crashers i hope this tip helps

  2. Yellow thing = square. Red thing = triangle Blue thing = pentagon Big blue thing = beta/alpha pentagon

  3. Why is one of the names on the scoreboard blurred Russruss?

  4. There r sqares,triangles,and pentagons

  5. that’s the battleship you can get from overseer and get that from sniper 14:38

  6. i recommend doing bullet damage/penetration to be the best

  7. wait a minute your using the annihilator tank not to do damage but to do speed? you should do the ramming
    class which your doing but worst with the annihilator tank so just do the ramming class o k.

  8. also FEZTİ! hes a youtuber aswell do what

  9. Hey Ssundee idk if you will se this but on 2:53 there was a name called big n**ga

  10. There are no purple or cyan shapes 🗿🗿

  11. *Notices Blurred User* Hey Anybody Else Notice An Inappropriate User? *Realizes It May Not Be A Mild Swear Word* OH NO…

  12. Last time I watched this man was five maybe six years ago and watching him again brings me so much nostalgia

  13. The video has now 264 likes in 3 years😂

  14. Did anyone see the one called ass😂😂😂

  15. My name is in the leaderboard Alvin…..

  16. This guy:"see pentagon"
    This guy:Octagon

  17. bro created smurf cat by the term smurf turd

  18. at 2:55 you can see a very bad racial slur in the leaderboard

  19. İ wonder why some one in near start off the video on the leader board was named big n&@#₺

  20. The anhilator does high damage with the bullets too

  21. imagine he pressed e
    it would be over cause in activates auto fire

  22. Note to Editer: you forgot to the name for a couple frames, for anyone wondering, it's @$$

  23. If you say gotta go one more time im gonna f you

  24. I was in there and I seen u idk if u seen me

  25. dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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