How to win in! -

How to win in!

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A lot of people were asking me for advice so I made a video on how to win in I talk about 5 tips while giving some other pieces of advice.
00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Tip #1 Don’t Use Full Power
01:12 – Tip #2 Avoid Early Fights
02:03 – Tip #3 Kill Bots
02:38 – Tip #4 Play Safe
03:53 – Tip #5 Attack Attacking Nations
04:28 – Outro

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  1. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  2. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  3. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  4. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  5. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  6. When i clicking to Multiplayer it says "No server response" What i should do?

  7. harder mode makes the bots receive cheats, but after testing, they gain many more soldiers then a player same size same everything would.

  8. I once got into the weirdest territorial .io match, I did fine at first, then I became the weakest nation so I hid on a island . Then eventually there were 3 left, me who was hiding on the island, a guy who had taken over the map, and a guy who also hiding on a island. I took over the other guy who was hiding on the island, then the biggest player got angry because he couldn't find me so he left and then I won the game lol.

  9. 4:00 LOL THAT RUS was me. WTf im in a video? I totally remember 'the grave one' on the map. LOLLLLLL

  10. So uh should you be beside da water so if someone almsot kills you you can try and find refuge

  11. Some dude always get more points than me in just a few seconds, and i cant even win a fight cuz my neighbours have 1m while i have like 800k. how can i defeat them

  12. how do i prevent as soon as i attack ONE person everybody else attacks me and i die?

  13. Thx this helps a lot I used to go max power

  14. I knew all these ones i guess there is no strategy really luck plays a major factor if someone gets attacked or leaves the game and you take charge

  15. But how do I playe this, which botton is for what? How do I recruit?, Can I upgrade my country? How can I naval invade someone?

  16. but players is kill me is not watch your video will kill me i dont know

  17. How do you make or use a 'clan' because i put the [ square bracket thing and i could still attack him

  18. I find at the start to use 50% to expand only once then lower to around 30% and once you reach 5 thousand- 2 thousand depending if there’s players near you but increase back to %50 for a couple attack then back to 30% when your attack bots

  19. I always use 50% thanks for telling me to go below

  20. I always feel the need to kill bots as quickly as possible so nobody else gets them which normally leaves me with less troops than i should have

  21. bro right after i listened to this tutorial i won and mostly last alot longer tysm

  22. Sounds nice but can someone explain how I start a game and someone goes from 20000 to 500000

  23. that moment when you realise you fucked up and start naval invading every island

  24. Me: attacks a country in teams mode

    their allies: HE'S TOUCHING THE CHILD!

    Me: gets attacked

    my allies: do i look like i care?

  25. thanks for the tips, it helped me get my first game

  26. thanks so much i won for the first time!

  27. What happens if you get surrounded by similarly powerful players and they slowly whittle you down?

  28. sorry but this tips didnt help me becuz i get focused by minimum 23 lands no matter in what lobby and no matter if i am stronger

  29. somehow always other players just have more terrain, or most of the times, like 2X the times troops i have.

  30. closest to win i got 2nd' but why 1'st is so FRIKKIN DIFFICULT

  31. Tip: Always start near the ocean and dont start land locked, you’ll need sea access to attack other nagions plus you’ll have more space to escape and your less sourroundered.

  32. I started playing in May and I never thought this game would become so popular

  33. Hi, when i started playing this a month ago i pretty much enjoyed it, but this morning when is clicked the app i literally can't play anymore and it's just white screen. Can someone pls help me?

  34. You can make people’s life much better with this video!

  35. What's the deal with interest? Some games I struggle to keep it above 1% and it keeps going red. It makes me attack people to bring it back up but it almost never pays off because i end up having less resources than I gain back from interest

  36. Bruh, still does not work, my opponents expand fast, also this video is from 1 month ago

  37. My troops won't increase while others get three million troops in one second

  38. May I ask. Whenever I play this game, I always end up being wedge by players that are more powerful than me and I end up becoming the Poland in WW2. What should I do?

  39. Тем временем красный из 4 гайда)))

  40. grave : " you want to have as many troops as your strongest neighbour "
    also grave " this is always not possible "

  41. Thank You So Much! I Won 5+ Battles Because Of You,You're The Best!

  42. I played this in August a lot when it wasn't really popular and you could win easily. Now I came back and it has became really popular and hard to win. Thank you for this tutorial

    Edit: how do you keep your interest balanced when you are going to sit back?

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