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I downloaded 10 more BAD GAMES from itch.io…

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itch.io fan games opened my eyes.
Today qzeq goes on a hunt on itch.io for the best free indie games. And of course finds the worst.
From leaked Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga to some asset flips with literally a single thing in the entire game – these are the weirdest and worst itch.io games i could find 😀
Endless amounts of Amongus fangames, Mario fangames and some original titles as far as the eye can see! Only on itch.io

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:47 AmogUS: Anime Edition
01:35 Amogus 2: Attack of The Sus
02:02 COD: Mario Warfare
02:55 Super Mario 64 FPS
03:36 The WHAT land? 😳
04:45 Escape Le Monke’s Lair
05:30 Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga LEAKED ALPHA
05:58 Monke
06:40 Super Mario Forever
07:25 Sussy Baka Dating Sim
08:18 Outro

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  1. Sussy baka dating sim actually looks fun tho

  2. "oh, nice computer you got there, can I have it?"
    -mario kindly asks

  3. The goombas in Mario fps are not Invincibles and you have to trigger the cutscene to kill the boss, I played this game and it's really fun when you unlock new guns

  4. super mario 64 fps is the best game in this video 😎

  5. i love how he thinks the enimies are invincible in the game when really he didn't shoot them enough to kill them xD

  6. Bro please just continue doing these videos I love them

  7. 1 minute in and we already have a timeless masterpiece

  8. On the Second Mario game the enemies aren’t actually invincible. They have Heath

  9. I remember Super Mario Forever from Vargskelethor joel's destroying i think windows vista.

  10. Woah nice computer you got here can I have it? Mario

  11. By how many viruses you probably got we might as well be installing the viruses by watching the video

  12. 7:17 well, its just an fan game. not an bootleg also how nintendo didnt sue "softtendo"

  13. 2:03 Hmm this game seems familiar… might be because I made it lol. Thanks for playing it, and the reason that there wasn't any enemies there is that the game is online, and isn't very fun alone


  15. Nice touch of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass at the beginning

  16. 2:30 what is this default ass unity game?
    Unreal Engine 4: i'm unity's twin!

  17. could you pretend if youre friend enjoyed call of duty mario warfare

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