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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

With the rise of .io games and fake multiplayer games, I tried making a fake online game with bots. Here’s out it turned out!

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  1. I still remember the sinking feeling I first got when an io game I had put hours into and bragged about continued after my WiFi cut out. If I ever go to therapy for trust issues in the future, io games will be the reason.

  2. bruh u literally just cant damage other bots with the brass knuckles.. did he even try

  3. what if you made it so then every new player's username gets added to the board so then you get constant new names.

  4. You should add a thing that says the usernames as they joined like "jimmydog joined the game" and also messages saying when an enemy defeats another enemy, you also should add the kills=wepons upgrade to the ai's and a fake worldwide leaderboard you can view in the menu

  5. This is a pretty naïve implementation – it's definitely obvious they are bots. A lot of the io games it's less obvious, but I think that's mostly because alot of them don't track the player exactly – they just attack the nearest actor regardless of if it's a bot or player.

  6. God this gave me so much nostalgia for Stick Arena..

  7. you should make the bots attack each other.

  8. imagine someone doesn't know that it's fake multiplayer and tries to get hacks for it or something like that

  9. voodoo's been doing this for a while, your game isn't special

  10. its funny how 2 of the games he mentions are "multiplayer" are ACTUALLY multiplayer

  11. You should add secret usernames that u can use to get stuff

  12. It's pretty good actually. I love simple, and fun games like this. I remember playing some gladiator themed game with last update in 2013. Sands of "something" i guess. Lemmie know if anyone knows the game, i wanna try it out again

  13. Bro created a roblox simulator my accident 😆

  14. Well that is not so true you can play io games with friends

  15. I go to youtube tutorials, but i accidiently made a FPS game 😂 I ACCIDENTLY MAKE MINECRAFT FROM SCRATH 🤣🤣🤣

  16. when you change colors, maybe you should add a different secret OP to the different avatars when players choose if they want a normal or OP avatar

  17. There's fake players when you enter a command to spawn fake players In tf2

  18. let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die cmon whos with me

  19. What website u're using for the nicknames generator?

  20. Hey man! I just sent you an email on your business account about Rocket Networking. Please do read!

  21. game is broke now, when i get the brass knuckles, i can't hit anything.

  22. Game idea: a fake multiplayer first person shooter but set in a school cafeteria where you throw foods at others.

  23. most of the bots attacking you makes sense
    they are just teaming

  24. It can't work on mobile💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

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