I PLAY KRUNKER IO GAMES with a SNIPER! (EASY VICTORY!) - aspenleafgames.com


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In Todays Video, I play Krunker IO games with the Sniper class and end up getting some easy Victories! We all play to achieve Victory! If you enjoyed, consider liking the video!

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If you’re reading this, comment what class you are best with in Krunker!

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  1. Perfect slide hopping and nice flicks👌👌🔥

  2. hello I am Richard and I checked my Twitter says:

    You are like bread

  3. The collat at the start is perfect👌

  4. Fortnite clickbait won’t work for krunker my guy

  5. Your the best krunker content creater in my opinion, and can you send me a trade pls my user is Loczzxx

  6. Imagine working so hard to get verified, only to turn on anonymous mode

  7. Him: Only 15 Percent of the viewers are subscribed
    Me: Yeee Im one of the 15%

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