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I Ranked THE BEST .io games

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  1. How do you not have more subscribers?

  2. and also u vote games on how good u are that's how mad are u

  3. my guy put 2 OG'S in the lowest tiers aka Diep And moo moo which were made like 4th and 5th because he cant grind for one hour he will grind for 10 hours on some other game but because he dont have op shit in 5 seconds and dies once in diep and gets trapped which are easy to escape in moo moo he gets mad and puts them in the lowest tiers

    PS dont rate games based on if you can instantly win or not rate them Fairly

  4. deeeep the best game their tho lmao u deserve more subs

  5. You did all the good ones so dirty D:

    I guess tbf this is ur first time playing. If you tried to play each one for like months lol you'd prolly do better to gats deeeep surviv and wings. For a beginner I guess ur ranking makes sense. Great video btw

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