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I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io

Kindly Keyin
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I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io
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  1. literally THE most underrated YouTuber, he deserves 10M subs

  2. i hate that he knows kweppblecob but dosen't know jelly smile and slogo slug

  3. AI is for practice I think and online is to play with freinds

  4. That is a Google play woorm,that's a dead worm 🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱

  5. Hello keyin I have beaten you're score before my score was
    100 000. And my real name is Nathaniel I'm a huge fan of you too
    And I love your videos there amazing!

  6. U know u can change your snake and u can get a discise 😊

  7. Hi bro read

    Hi again


    Ok I’m done

    Now I am


  8. The green one with the smile is jelly he is also a YouTuber like you

  9. My high score at this game is 8000

  10. When I was a kid I played this game and I got 20,000 so be that kindly keen

  11. i want keyin to make a video of him reading the comments

  12. Your content is amazing and I loved this game as a child! If you ever play again try circling the snake so it's got no where to run!

  13. There is a mode for AI because slither IO is a is an online game

  14. I don't like it when the other snakes eat my snake dots

  15. Just a tip when you reach a certain size you can circle around a smaller snake and trap them.

  16. "Software update ready to install" 😮

  17. Ai gets better overtime as you play so you will do a meathod and it will learn from that so if you are insane and play ai mode all the time it will be better than a noob. Love the vid good job❤❤❤

  18. It was so funny when you lost 5 the end😂

  19. My most log snake is 63815 you should try and get higher then that

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