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I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

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In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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Game: Survivor(dot)io

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  1. Magic Survival is a good game too, I hope you play it

  2. I've been waiting for you to play this game for so long

  3. if you combine type a and type b drone and level them all the way they combine and free up a weapon slot. the whistling arrow and kunai are the best in the game and once you get going the force field and the molotovs become less helpful

  4. i wonder is this a clone of vampier survivers not that its bad but

  5. I’m so glad you did this I’ve been constantly getting this game as a stupid ad and thought. Huh this seems like a game DF would play

  6. Dude i was so mad when you were not getting forcefield it is the best item mixed with Molotov and guardian = unkillable

  7. Combo to try cos of SYNERGY:
    – guardian Evo + drill shot Evo + HE fuel
    Makes the guardians spin stupid quick and they get massive so nothing can penetrate them

  8. This is literally a Vampire Survivors reskin.

  9. OMG I have this game
    Edit: the best way I play is with the shield and the spinning wheels

  10. Both drones make an upgrade kinda like how vampire survivor the birds make an upgrade

  11. Shameless clone. Though it looks nicer than vampire survivors i think.

    But maybe they could make things behave a little more unique?

  12. Using the forcefield or the spinning saws can keep the swarming zombies away From you when higher leveled or evoled. 😇

  13. Forcefield very good get it as early as possible

  14. It’s legit a re-skin of vampire survivors

  15. If you decide to play this again, I wholeheartedly recommend getting the increased pickup range powerup which is a magnet in your upgrade screen, it helps a lot once your damage picks up and there are just swarms dying around you

  16. I love this game, reminds me of the game Shootero

  17. Here’s some tips that worked for me, GUARDIANS EVO is amazing, and forcefield is great, if you want to stand still, I recommend Molotov, guardian, and forcefield as they surround you, also the whistling arrow(drill things evo) is pretty decent, there’s my tips!

  18. I played this before and I was screaming at the screen when you never get forcefield upgrade

  19. Max out forcefield and guardian, ITS OP (if u get the evo)

  20. How much do you pay your editors Danger?

    Authors note: yes I shortened DFs name, sorry if it is not fine for me to do so.

  21. Ironically I got an ad for this game while watching this video

  22. Remember the rainbow bird in that other game combine A and B is the same here

  23. the force field is kinda strong beacause the flyers will die instantly

  24. can you talk closer to the left of your mic,, my right ear dont want to hear ,alot of the time…. doc is next month…………………………….i hope you have a stereo mic…..

  25. this is so annoying why cant u for once buy forcefield and win the dog phase…? and keep upgrading 1 attack thing and it gets crazy strong and when its maxxed with evelution it is OP

  26. the basic weapon is the strongest weapon like always the basic weapon first and you be op

  27. The Vampire Survivors clone vibes are strong with this one.

  28. I played that a month ago and just dropped the game since its kinda pay-to-win

  29. bruh you should have gotten forcefield its one of the best

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