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I Turned a Fake .io Game Into a Real Game

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If you’ve played multiplayer .io games before, you were lied to. Most .io games make the player think they’re playing on a real server, but everyone is a bot. So I wanted to prove .io game companies wrong by making a REAL multiplayer .io game in 2 hours!

Thanks @BarjiLIVE for featuring in the video!
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  1. where is the powerpoint horror game

  2. OMG Barji has a dani plushie in the background so that means he is in milk gang!🥛🥛🥛

  3. I love your videos subscribed today😂😂

  4. Agario has real players watch caseoh

  5. When will sussy school grounds chapter 3 come out???

  6. That Amogus Drawing ACTUALLY looks Good Fr No Cap

  7. slither u can play with real, ive come in a game with my sister multiple times

  8. the billy in te background of barjis room. chefs kiss

  9. When u we’re telling the chat to be unbiased, I heard F**k, I will kill you

  10. You haven't make sussy school grounds a longtime maybe

  11. Эта отсылка на русский язык реально забавная

  12. Welp, time to play Barji's .io game for 7 hours strait

  13. I saw a mun kiss lun kiss and sussy wussy in the background plush😊😊

  14. I already know you lose and I'm only 2 minutes in.

  15. Polymers the best and my favorite YouTuber😊


  17. Hey POLYMArS, have you ever considered making a game in Kodu GAme lab?

  18. fun fact online doesnt mean against other players it means you need wifi to play

  19. We all know the real winner was me, Sonic the Hedgehog guy

  20. how did vector manage to find a photo of barji

  21. That video is straight up garbage tier, nothing of value was produced and no gameplay was shown. Not mentioning that there's literally no coding involved. Bottom of the barrel content.

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