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.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer

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  1. I knew this existed, but it's only for a few .io games. There's a 99% chance that games with a chat are real multi-player. Like moomoo.io, krunker.io, etc. Also there are a lot of games I've played with my brother on the same server on.

  2. This is littlebigsnake differs. All the bots have recognizable names, they act different from actual players. You can actually friend other players and chat with them. So yah, there is bots on the same servers as real players, but more players play at the same time, less bots there is on the server.

  3. @Miziziziz it wasn't British island ocean territory it was British Indian ocean territory

  4. Personally I don't mind the bots but at least be honest with whos a real person and whos a bot

  5. slither.io multiplayer sometimes has a bot on it, but its because ppl are using hacks for a bots spawner (or a extensions)

  6. anyone know the name of an io game with a circle you can build around. (like troops and walls you can upgrade) if you know pls tell me

  7. Sometimes the bots have names like hitler and n****r. Lovely.

  8. I just miss the time when .io game is actually real multiplayer

  9. But then how do some people together on videos then?

  10. Deceiving the player by completely lying about the product isn't bad? Fuck you.

  11. he called "British Indian Ocean territory" as "British Island Ocean territory"

  12. Krunker, Surviv, Diep, Bonk and Agar are all real multiplayer. just suggestions for anyone who might actually see this

  13. wait since nightsteed games are mostly bots, can you occassionally find real people? and how many servers are in the evowars/brutalmania games? say i want to play with friends on the same server-is it possible?

  14. can someone suggest an io games that has more players than bots, I can't find any else rather than diep io

  15. Awesome video! Thanks for that important work 😀

  16. Wait… wut no this can’t be the the the other players are fake????? my whole child hoods a lie

    Actually … makes sense why I wasn’t able to play it with my friends

  17. But i love playing these games 🤷‍♂️

  18. Kinda reminds me of a retro arcade game by Williams called Bubbles.

  19. I started noticing right around the time Mario Kart came out on mobile and I was like "No… You too?!!!" 😂

  20. Lmao did battlefield 2042 used the same thinking as this 🤣

  21. Doesn't the whole "$100,000 a day from ads" sound sus to anyone else? That's over $36 million dollars a year, which is more than even some of the top channels on YouTube make just from ads. Sounds unlikely for any mobile game, let alone one without IAPs

  22. Agar io, Slither io and Zombie io the only games stands out

  23. Not having lag is nice, but it’s far from the best part. The best part is that the game isn’t tied to a server that can be shut off at any moment, so your grand children will be able to play it.

  24. I only started noticing bots after i watched a bad game dev video where they made a .io game

  25. i was so sad when i first realized "wait I'm not that good. these are just bots." 😀

  26. I have always considered multiplayer the same as fake and bots.. since I don't have irl friends who game with me, the strangers are no different than bots.

  27. I have played plenty of IO games, and I'll be listing some that have real players and hundreds of active people playing it everyday:

    Agar io
    Slither io
    Diep io
    Territorial io
    Digdig io
    Zombs io (Possibly)

  28. I played a .io game and every opponent was named Dmitry

  29. I actually don't have a problem with Fake Online Multiplayer, as it makes you feel like you have internet or there's live action going on. There's apparently nextbot games that have this feature for Android and one is actually really good that has fake online players just surviving from nextbots that are not ordinary but the ones we know and love like Munci or any other nextbot. I really have no problem and I actually wish call of duty did this lol

  30. I play Helix Jump just to kill time while doing boring shit (Ex: ‘Bathroom Business’), and for a while I genuinely thought that the ‘World Leaderboard’ was full of actual people. I FINALLY realize its fake after seeing the name “Ragefrost” WAYY more than once. Let alone other dupe names. Ain’t no way in hell over 500+ people on Earth thought “Oh yeah, Ragefrost. Yes.” And did that shit. Damn. Well played Voodoo. Well played.

  31. This is also how most social media sites and apps get bootstrapped.

  32. I realized this when i was younger, i used to play this game called something along the lines of “war of robots” or something. I used to play that alot with my brother, we both thought everyone in our lobbys were real, we played for months until when i was like 10 i looked at the names of other people and they where just random strings of numbers like example: guest-735262. I realized they weren’t real people and i was so sad, i told my brother, he was sad too. I found this video because i saw caseoh playing agar io and his fans were trying to mess him up. So i thought it was going to be fun to try so i got the mobile version on my phone (im grounded so i cant play on my pc) well guess what? There where bots on the mobile version, people had names that had too do with their icons, example: the guy with the japan icon was named japan, the guy named canada was named canada. Yet another mobile port with fake multiplayer

  33. Omg it's a fellow Linux user in the wild!

  34. I'm talking quietly because I have a cheap mic and the quality gets worse the louder I speak. I'm getting a new one in a couple days

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