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At last, a video on man’s greatest creation: The IO Game.

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  1. Kinda funny you're talking about crap school computers.

    In my high school, the computer teacher was a pretty big gamer. So, he set up PCs that could at least run the games he played so he could make an eSports team

  2. Would be interesting to have a third dimension in an io game though. My immediate consideration would be making a very abstract combat flight simulator.

    It would let you customize your aircraft quite a bit though. Like changing the wing shape or biplane to monoplane or weapons or different engines.

  3. My school developed its own os without anything only the schools thing 😭 (good thing online classes are a thing now)

  4. holy shit, is that flash animation with 4 yoshi's saying their lost from dunkey's newgrounds. yes, yes it is

  5. I used to play the game at 7:58 a lot and now I’ve forgotten, anyone know?

  6. rookies. if you take time searching you might be like me and play brutal doom and quake 3 arena during business class

  7. General 2 sounds really cool but imagine if Youtube had a comment section 2 😳

  8. kinda sad that 99% of everything fun is considered "uNaCaDEmIC" by schools even though 40% of those are like just as educational as school

  9. Yay, another thing I never experienced because we never did anything this big. You can sit right next to playing minecraft with your friends

  10. No, internet has 2 uses: People without clothes and dogs with clothes

  11. is the worst it doesnt even have bot mode if an io game doesnt have bot mode its trash

  12. Yeh, I prefer my 80 episode Dwarf Fortress tutorials.

  13. him: so many bots blah blah
    games like we, have, NO BOTS(im not kidding, besides, how would you do that)

  14. I remember getting really good at It was actually very competitive and had a lot of technique. Last time I checked people are still playing

  15. my school blocked all fricking io games

  16. Ma you Rest In Peace flash games December 31 2020

    My childhood

  17. Why do I feel that Ilyx got tons of videos stocked up so he can upload them once a year.

  18. Using agent 47’s suit like I wouldn’t notice

  19. Just watched the reality plothole video and started exploring this channel and now it feels like the recent videos are voiced by some completely different person.

  20. Bro you are luck y if the school laptops could even run browser games

  21. bro no fair i have high security chromebooks that lets me play shit

  22. 4:54
    Ilyx : agario is the one which caused io domains to take off
    showing a literal garbage can flying off

  23. My school had a small oversight on the chrome books where you could log into your own google play store account and download whatever game you wanted.

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