Games | BEST FPS! #2 - Games | BEST FPS! #2

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Welcome to episode 2 or part 2, call it whatever you want! I’ve got three games I found on I wanted to share with you all! First one is The Myth of Egypt, second one is Survival Shooter and the third one is Tama Coffee! Let’s see how this goes! Hope you enjoy!
★More Info★
★Games Played In This Episode★
The Myth of Egypt (The First Game) ➤
Survival Shooter (The Second Game) ➤
Tama Coffee ➤
Previous Episode! ➤
Next Episode! ➤
Want to see horror games? Puzzle games? Adventure Games? Don’t worry there is lots more genres here! ➤
Want to see anime games? ➤
Want to see tons of let’s play series? ➤
★Music Used★
Background Music ➤ (This background music is made by Nexon, or you can say a game called Maplestory)


  1. I'm glad that you are still recording videos and actually enjoing it. Btw, remember me? ;D. It's been 6-7 months since my last comment, i think.

  2. Wtf were these game selections, I must be high lmao

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