Jerma Streams - Games and Everhood (Part 0) -

Jerma Streams – Games and Everhood (Part 0)

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Jerma archived Games (The original title of this stream was “ 5 Course Meal”, and was originally streamed/recorded on December 24th, 2021)

0:00 Start of Stream
8:49 Santa’s Cookies
18:13 The Christmas Incident
33:15 Slay Bells
1:14:39 1st Brb Ends
1:16:16 Night of the Consumers
1:54:02 Slide in the Woods
2:09:00 Freeways
2:34:43 2nd Brb Ends
2:37:28 Night Shift
3:10:35 Spiders
3:16:19 Act Normal
3:18:33 Nun Massacre
3:34:38 Osteotic Bypass
3:40:46 Juice Galaxy
3:59:13 Everhood
4:57:24 3rd Brb Ends
4:59:56 Art School
5:22:47 Faith
5:31:43 Back from Discconnect
5:40:10 Back from Discconnect Again
5:44:55 End of Stream

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  1. that everhood custom battle was funny af ☠

  2. i think i've seen slay bells somewhere on youtube, it just feels so nostalgic to me

  3. He made me tear up when he told me to do my best

  4. the end of this stream has a classic Moment

  5. An inch of dirt??????? Does he mean a cubic inch????

  6. dad energy through the absolute roof this stream

  7. 21:16 I absolutely agree with Jerma. And yes I wish they did more stuff like this.

  8. I KNOW JERMA ISN'T A ROAD ENGINEER GUY but he's so obviously used to american solutions to traffic it's fun

  9. i can't believe this was almost a year ago already still one of my favorite streams

  10. 44:54 i haven't realized he was talking about dodging axes for so long

  11. you dont have to bloom, you dont have to do that shit – jerma

  12. I've seen Jerma talk about the eating an inch of dirt every meal thing twice now so I'm gonna call him eating dirt andy in the chat from now on if he ever does it again

  13. i love seeing ppl say hi to the vod, makes me feel extremely included bc i dont watch them live

  14. "How do you do that?"
    "Lots of lonely nights in the mirror"
    long, drawn-out sip of wine while wearing an open sweater

  15. jerma struggling to rebalance his gender levels after The Incident really tickled me.

  16. i screamed the exactly same way he did at Night Shift 😭😭😭 so embarrassing too wtf

  17. kinda really needed to hear that speech since im going into uni soon and ultra nervous abt it.. thx jerma

  18. LOL jerma couldnt even kill the character in the everhood battle lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. everytime i listen to jerma's "slow down" talk, i start to tear up. it is a lot of pressure, growing up, needing to be someone. Pressured by society to be someone people look up to, it's rough. It's something I struggle with a lot, but it feels like to know that a lot of people are going through the same, and that we all can just find away to relax and take our time with it

  20. Too bad The faith playthrough wasnt completed, Hope he plays faith the unholy trinity

  21. Watching him play Night Shift was hard to watch.

  22. the "slow down" speech is so genuine and motivating and I had to find an xxxballfondlerxxx's comment saying "play the game pls"

  23. i dont think jerma realizes that in a real murderer encounter they wouldnt play music to alert you of their prescense and run at you from a distance, they would be around the corner with the axe prepared and ready to chop, they wouldnt be persuing you in one on one combat.

  24. 1:26:25 jerma is like a divorced angry mother scolding his children, AKA the chat

  25. Jerma's rant about fear is kind of funny. Even music triggers fight or flight in some way.

  26. Man faith is so good I hope he gets into it again 🥲

  27. It's a shame Jerma's just a pretty face. That Freeway game really kicked his ass.

  28. Watching Jerma try to go through the checkpoint in Slay Bells and turn himself around without realising was baffling


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