Jolly Wangcore Streams: Random itch io games -

Jolly Wangcore Streams: Random itch io games

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  1. 1:03:00Is it waste of time? Yes.Is it addicting to watch you play? Also Yes.I could totally watch you play that game for hours and not get bored.

  2. that first game I was expecting garbo to show up and say "that's a whoppah!"

  3. Quickstart: First game starts at 9:55 (btw well done on making it fullscreen Jolly)

  4. Jolly's dyslexia is really kicking in the heaven or hell phone game, huh

  5. I love how youtube thinks you're playing Tattletail because of your mascot

  6. I agree that timed levels are bad and friendly faith plate is a great songs but don't insult catgirls or the official golf soundtrack

  7. Cultural Marxist SJW regressive leftist cuck says:

    I'm straight but jolly is cute fr

  8. Wearing a Red Socks hat is not a crime. Feeding pigeons is. No matter how many good deeds you've done, feed a flying rat once – and you're insta-guaranteed your own cauldron deep down there. That's exactly how it works. Ask God if you don't believe me.

  9. Finally, good videos from smaller channels in my recommendations

  10. This stream proves Jolly will disconnect anyone in a second

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