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Looking Back on .io Games

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i ranked agar.io, slither.io and every popular .io game for science

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using code pear in fortnite is free and actually helps a ton lmao

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edited by: @tkyo
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  1. 9:52 His lobby for krunker is full of noobs. When i played it i remember everyone b hopping and top players killing me everytime i spawn like instantly and getting a kill (according to me ) was hard.

  2. i loved io games, also i remember like 4 years ago me and my friend downloaded roblox on every school laptop

  3. Diep io was my childhood I liked diep io so much and it was my favourite and I played it daily and my favourite was the drone because you could just chase someone with your drones and kill him from far away and you don't have any chance of dying but reaching max level in drone was so hard but once you reach it congrats rule over the whole game but devs made an update in the game and they ruined it the older was so much better the new version didnt had an app version and was only browser and it lagged so much and run at 2 fps while older version and app version ran so smoothly I searched for older versions of diep io but they wouldn't work and after some months I decided to play the game again but I forgot the name and since then I only remembered it in my memory and the gameplay but today royalplayer played it and I'm so happy it was also royal pear's favourite too W ROYALPEAR ❤️ (use code pear)

  4. io games are not really multiplayer as I found out they are just AI any io game is full of bots. But good video

  5. "School is cancelled"
    "The meteor finally hit Earth!"

  6. W vid bro you will never see me again gang (on a comment section)

  7. Usually on freetime, i just take out one of my sketchbook and start drawing since we can't really bring our phone at school, cuz people kept losing their stuff ykyk, i could honestly feel the teacher going insane by the sounds that my other classmate caused lmfao

  8. I think I just found you in a game! Unless someone's copying your username and strategy. Edit: My username is im dead

  9. I remember an agario series about a shark

  10. First Long-Form Video I've watched of you, nice! ❤

  11. Royalpear never fails to tickle our buttocks with his long form videos

  12. Pear spending 30 minutes to max out in diep sandbox when he could've just hit K 💀

  13. Man this brought back a wave of nostalgia. Glad you made this 🙂

  14. RoyalPear Pls notice me,Thanks for making me to do a YouTube channel. So I made one and I have 5 subs made. THANKS 🎉,My name is avopear cuz those is my 4 favorite fruit 🎉

  15. I'm surprised you didn't mention mope io and narwhal io

  16. Pear can you add me back to the discord they banned me

  17. you can kill an overlord without its drones with body damage because the drones are op but the body is incredibly weak even by level 1 standards

  18. krunker was done dirty by the devs I still remember playing the player made zombie and parkour maps not only that but you could create an account without a gmail…. good times😔

  19. I like the manager class cause you can hide and chill

  20. 14:23: Annihilator is Actually the Fastest Tank By a Very Small Amount If You Shoot Backwards. Both Can Be a Ramming Machine Too, and It's Quite Fun!

  21. bro slither being gone hurts my soul…


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