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MARKIPLIER SIMULATOR – Inch By Inch (Good Games)

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MARKIPLIER SIMULATOR – Inch By Inch (Good Games)You play a shrinking scientist in a race against time: Can you find all necessary formulas and ingredients to produce the antidote and stop shrinking, before you are too small to operate the life-saving lab equipment?
Processing ingredients takes valuable time – time you should use to search for missing components or rearrange the lab for when you may be too small to reach the machines you need!
Search for the formulas and ingredients you need to produce the three key components of the antidote!
Each formula corresponds to one of the machines in the lab. They produce new ingredients, which may be used in other formulas or are one of the three key ingredients you are looking for.
To win, collect all three key ingredients and place them inside the antidote processor.
When you shrink too small the game is over!

In this video, we take a look at the Inch By Inch Itchio game.

Inch By Inch Review:

Inch By Inch is a unique game based off of a careless scientist making his morning cup of coffee through the use of chemicals found in a lab! Unfortunately, that coffee had some side effects, leading to him shrinking! The games gameplay is polished well and unique enough to make it so the replay value is pretty high. I enjoyed this game.

Inch By Inch
Inch By Inch Gameplay
Inch By Inch Game

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Inch By Inch is an itchio game and can be found on itch io:

Inch By Inch Itchio
Inch By Inch
Good Games

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