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mi musi e musi .Io! I play some .io games!

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toki! mi musi e musi pi lipu .Io! sitelen li ike a. taso o kute!
Hey there! Sit back and watch as I tackle some .io games! Well, maybe it’s better to listen, considering the video quality…

Thanks to Markiplier for giving me the inspiration to do this 🙂
Play for yourself at iogames.space

mi musi e musi: In this video:


  1. Suno PonaI've been trying to find an email or anything to privately contact you, but all there was was a link to an empty gmail+. Please respond as I have a wonderful idea for Toki Pona and you seem like a rather fluent individual

  2. sina toki mute insa tenpo pi lili mute. mi ken sona ale la mi wile sitelen.
    mi pilin e ni pona mute! mi kama lukin e sina pi sitelen tawa.
    (mi pilin ike la mi toki pi ike mute. mi toki tenpo lili e toki pona)

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