Most ADDICTIVE .io Game in YEARS! - - Gameplay Part 1 -

Most ADDICTIVE .io Game in YEARS! – – Gameplay Part 1

MasterOv Games
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► Conquer The World! New .io Game on IOS/Android Is SO addictive!
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► Recorded in 4K 60FPS using Elgato products


  1. Used to watch his vids randomly remembered him sad to see how much he fell off he was rated highly

  2. Politically Red is the GOD, the conservatives, the party of Trump. Blue is the Democrats, liberal, the party of sane people.

  3. Hi master ov my kid is still watch you they love your content thank you

  4. Two videos in 1 day? Yay ✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧

  5. Can you play this on mobile or does it have to be on pc

  6. Other vid, talks about this game, master ov, "I'mma go ahead and play it today"

  7. Hey man! I haven't seen your videos in awhile I was there when you played bloons td battles so much lol I'm glad you still upload keep up the good work

  8. Can you bring back the old intro? Please, I always like it lol

  9. Used to watch his videos 6+ years ago. He was really high in the gaming community back then. Sad to see how much things have changed.

  10. Hey Ov, would you consider on playing Minecraft again? I loved when you played it

  11. Glad to see that your back uploading. Great! content.

  12. You can shoot every country at once by holding one and the other

  13. strat for games get states quickly and send all out attacks

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