Most Popular .io Games 2015 (Birth) - 2019 -

Most Popular .io Games 2015 (Birth) – 2019

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Timeline of the most visited .io Games from the start of this genre of game with the founder in 2015,, to present day.




  1. The way slither io just bam took over agar io in a second

  2. It's a shame that people play voodoo games that have only bots.

  3. hi,please help me,do you remember a game where you can grab guns from the floor and your perspective was like up,and there was a zombie mode,a ffa mode,and a TeamvsTeam mode (I dont know what its called) please if you know the game PLEASE tell me,it was something like,slain or something . io thanks

  4. Can anybody tell me pls what's the song that starts from 0:30 till the end?

  5. Agar went from over 400k to under 10k

  6. admit it
    everyone used to play atleast 1 io game

  7. there is some thing rong agario has 50million doanload

  8. its amazing that this video was made on october 30 in 2019 and im watching it in october 30 2020:)

  9. Apr- 16th

    Agar – ah perfect day to be runnin
    Newborn slither – get outta my way sucker

    Sep- 18th
    Agar – super boost
    Slither – oh shoot
    Agar – ah ye, nooooooo
    Slither – oh ma, yezzzzzzz

  10. people who come because your laptop don't have many Gb so you want to play in google

  11. i thought for sure that krunker was the most popular one. i guess all players that play on a client don't count

  12. i am here to see what io games i can play 😉

  13. some games get boosted from pewdiepie??

  14. ight but I remember a time where I saw 60k active players on bonk so?

  15. That little second when survivio was most popular 😀

  16. Slither be like ↗️↘️↗️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️↗️↘️

  17. the efortless voodoo games were what caused the death…

  18. Its sad to think that i have seen all of these

  19. Someone help defly io it’s been a dying game for ten months now

  20. Used to play them at school because they weren't restricted lol, good times

  21. Just why agario my favorite game when i was kid

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