My NEW .io Game is Finally Here !! -

My NEW .io Game is Finally Here !!

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My NEW GAME 👉 👈is Finally here !!

Hey guys , I hope you are all doing great.
As some of you may know a few years ago I wanted to make my own .io game, but that project failed and I never told you guys.
And till this day I still get comments from you guys asking about it.
But Finally I’m very excited to announce to you that my own game is live right now and you can go and play it on .
Keep in mind we have been working on it for only a few days so its still not even beta , But I wanted to release it and update it together through time.
So Please go and play the game , and come back on this video and let us know in the comments down below what do you want to be added or changed in the game. We will take all the suggestions and we will make this game perfect for this community.

More videos coming very soon.Stay Tuned this is not even the begining. We have so much more to show you guys.

If you want to make a video about the game. Do it. And if you are a youtuber we can make some videos together soon. Also I will make videos with all my potatoes here.

Thank you very much for all the Love and Support 🙂


  1. are you the real jumbo in my game currently

  2. Jumbo the ffa modes is full of teamers im upset theres no anti team

  3. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If jumbo rocks
    Then make this like blue!

  4. This Borb game is just Agario but with more ads 👎Agario rip off

  5. Well I guess every agar pro player is now a developer like really everyone.

  6. I can’t help but keep imagening Jumbo is the version of Khabib Nurmagomedov. He literally destroys everyone xD

  7. Alright, comment time.
    1- Game needs to be fast paced
    2- Both solo and teaming need to be just as fun
    3- Don't do the same thing as every other Agar game, because then it will just die
    4- When your game is good enough, you should have no trouble making videos for it

  8. I just dowload and play it on pc, i love it so much🤩🤩
    You’re the best io gamer i ever know!!❤️❤️

  9. no one is playing it…there's like 1 person in a server right now.

  10. Your games sucks i cant even do anything all i see is white i have refrashed it muntiple time still nothing

  11. Woah. A Million Subs already ? I'm your fan almost 2-3 years ago. and I just remembered you yesterday and then I subscribed again, I saw you uploading videos again. I really loved your gameplays in the past years, you were my inspiration.

  12. It says that Ddos protection by somethimg i forgot and i got Ddossed for like 10 minutes 😛

  13. cool video you deserve more subscribers

  14. Bro how tf to get in the game
    When i chrome it opens a flippin site
    And in youtube theres no tutorial everybody has it
    In steam theres no thing too

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