MYTHIC ZOMBIE Invasion! - Gameplay - iO Game like Fortnite -

MYTHIC ZOMBIE Invasion! – Gameplay – iO Game like Fortnite

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elcome to! is a brand new io game like Fortnite Battle Royale! This battle royale io game is made by the developer!

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ZombsRoyale is like Fortnite battle royale. 100 players on each map battle the other players and become the last one standing. Collect loot and heal up using med packs and shield potions! Become the Ultimate IO Battle Royale Champion!

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  1. This is better than fortnite, fortnite is absolutely cancerous.

  2. pump shotgun is one od thye best gun in the game trust when i was top 4 i killed all the other poeple with a blue pump so imaagine legendary or mythic (if there is a mythic pump) and bolt action sniper rifle is also op but extremely op if you get a blue then its one shot if you hit a target grey about 2 shots only 🙂 hope this helps you!

  3. have made my second vid now. Wouldn’t mind if u saw it and gave me a comment

  4. I only got one win in the zombies mode so far after playing for 2 hours

  5. This guy missed the mythic ar…..and why do you shoot the crates when you can save bullets and open them faster by pressing e?

  6. Btw, u can me lee them through walls and doors

  7. you can hit zombies with hand through the wall

  8. You cant shoot trough the wall but you can punch through the wall

  9. Did anyone else se the descriptio?it says elcome…

  10. That patato sim in the begining though and u suicidin with an rpg


  12. I like your videos about zombs royale .io that is why I just subscribed before I got 29 people

  13. I like your videos so much you are the best youtuber in the whole entire world

  14. The guy that put his name as TSM_Myth is my friend

  15. you missed in legendary shotgun

  16. Zombies can't open doors

  17. Hi I have over 400 wins and I have just started a YouTube channel I have a 14 kill solo squad win posted so please could you just check it out

  18. yo dude, im making a parody song for zombs royale. IS it okay if i borrow this clip? Credits will be served

  19. Can you please make more zombs Royal video

  20. Get the flame thrower it’s really ggooooood

  21. during the waiting part right before the video ended did you just have to wait or did you kill sme player

  22. Why I kan not downloading that thing

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