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*NEW IO GAME* Goose Max Level Evolution – GooseGame.io

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Hellooo gamers! I decided to try a brand new io game – GooseGame.io, I saw it being published just today! You have to evolve in it, farm food and if it’s possible, then get to the max level. I know that this game is different from other games that I used to play, but sometimes we all have to try something new! Basically I was playing a Goose with other people, it’s a multiplayer fighting simulator in your browser.

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  1. When mope.io is being ddosed so you improvise.

    Btw loody plox no change games Iove your mope.io gameplay and funny jokes, After mope.io gets fixed plox play again!!

  2. I would like you to stay in mope.io, because many mopetubers left mope only for paper.io 2 or something else, so i wouldn't like to lose another cool mopetuber to some other games i dont play 🙁
    Hope you understand my opinion

  3. Hey loody my name is (trap) Squuix thanks for game

  4. I don't understand one thing. Why your own fans eat you in mope.io? :C And this is a good video btw ^-^

  5. Loody iginored my suggestions of putting his musics in desc so I wont ever find the music that is in the background…

    Loody please put your musics in desc everyone likes 'em 🙂

    Please Loody….

    My record is 100 kills in 1 game

  7. Это улучшеная верия мопе ио , только 3Д и утки

  8. I'm a BIG pro at this but I play on those laggy webs! SOOOOSOOSOOOOO LAGGY

  9. This game is full of bots. Same news, straight walking, etc. When I turned off my internet, it continued to work.

  10. Loody i can not unlock the arabian boots but i trained alot to level 7 how do i get them unlocked? do you know it? also its funny your killing gooses xd

    Also karma right there 6:27

  11. You are fun, but not as fun as me, I've reached about 175,000 and killed more than a thousand geese in the game. I've won in the arena numerous times when I started playing this game. My goose is always the best when I played this game, oh yeh boiii!!!

  12. if you look on my twitter i got like 650 kills lol

  13. i played for 21 mins and reached 10766 score

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